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Guns in movies replaced with thumbs-ups [15 pictures]

Nov 11, 2013 By Abraham

The site Thumbs & Ammo takes stills from violent scenes in movies and replaces the weaponry with that classic symbol of positivity — the thumbs-up — because “real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.”

The silly edits make for some pretty funny pics (even if the resulting movies would be much more boring).

Here are some of the best…


Thumbs and Ammo - 04

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Thumbs and Ammo - 05

Thumbs and Ammo - 12

Mission Impossible 3

Thumbs and Ammo - 01


Thumbs and Ammo - 02

Reservoir Dogs

Thumbs and Ammo - 03

Die Hard

Thumbs and Ammo - 08


Thumbs and Ammo - 09


Thumbs and Ammo - 10

Django Unchained

Thumbs and Ammo - 11

The Big Lebowski

Thumbs and Ammo - 14

Star Trek

Thumbs and Ammo - 15


Thumbs and Ammo - 19


Thumbs and Ammo - 17

Pulp Fiction

Thumbs and Ammo - 16

(via Taste of Cinema)


        1. Bobby says:

          As a gun nut myself, can confirm. Funny as hell especially the Scarface one. Folks making political points out of nothing….Relax people!

        1. FookWit says:


          1. CptNerd says:

            Ever since the 60’s, the cry has been (from those with no lives) “The political is the personal”. Also read as “The personal is the political”. Either way, all things must be interpreted through the lens of politics, because “think of the children!”

      1. Lord Bovril says:

        Your a boring pusillanimous little maggot of a man.

        I’m going to tell you one of the most important things any human can know and every one should know by now

        There is no left or right. They belong to whats known as a concept or an idea. A linguistic rhetorical concept cannot and should not ever be put ahead of people being shot.

        Innocent folk getting caught out by other peoples gun conflicts most unfortunately and rather stupidly in America’s case belongs to a different class of human events something people with basic empathy regard as reality.

        I know all this is above you because you are consumed by your own indifference to the world.
        It continues to amaze me how people that are so adamant they need a fire arm to feel safe
        are still allowed to breed and look after children.

        If you have young kids I hope one of them finds your gun and accidentally shoots them selves with it because it seems to me only that kind of guilt will make you realize what it is you are doing to your self and country.

        if you are a human being ask your self how many other peoples kids get caught out in a gang shoot out every week in the states?

        then ask the question what’s to like?

        Mind you seeing as most of your leaders think it’s acceptable to sell arms to country’s they intend to invade or bully your only copying your alpha male leaders

        Monkey see Monkey do

        1. IrishAle says:

          I’ve been around gun discussions quite a bit, and one thing I’ve noticed: Everybody publicly wishing that children be shot seem to be anti-gun.

          Why is that? Personally, I think it’s a good thing that people that are that violent are anti-gun… because it probably means that they don’t own one themselves.

          For your children’s sake, I hope karma doesn’t come back around to you.

          And for the record, it continues to amaze ME how people as hate-filled and violent as yourself are still allowed to breed.

        2. JFC says:

          The moment you wish death upon someone else’s child, just because they hold a different viewpoint than you do, your obliterate your own platform and relegate yourself to the status of a forum troll, or perhaps a pile of manure. That is, distracting and digusting, but ultimately unworthy of notice and with little worthwhile to contribute to the conversation or the world at large. If anybody should be castrated and have their children taken away, it’s you.

          Sit down. Shut up.

        3. Jazaray says:

          You are a horrible, horrible person Lord Bovril. Wishing death upon a child, no matter whose child it is, wrong… and evil. Go back under the rock you crawled out of.


      2. jordan harper says:

        This isn’t Fox News; not everyone is as crazy as you to make a political agenda out of everything. Calm down.

      3. ZombiiMommii says:

        Some people just have to take the fun out of everything. Go crawl back under your sad little rock Sapper82.

  1. Allan says:

    You should still see gun artifacts on the 2nd to last photo. they didn’t use the clone/stamp tool to its full potential there.

  2. El Bearsidente says:

    That would make some very short movies, because the bad guys would just shoot the good guys. In some cases not a bad thing, like in Django Unchained. And yeah, what’s the point? “Look, we fail at photoshop”?

    1. redsoxu571 says:

      Check out the original website link at the top of this post, you’ll find plenty of both there!

      Also, for those who don’t get it, the point is to bring a smile to your face.
      The juxtaposition (especially in the iconic images) is the comedy.
      Laugh a little.

  3. christopher says:

    Honestly one of the funniest post I have seen on reddit to date, cheers for this really made my day at work…cheers bruh

  4. Joseph McDonald says:

    Weird, Facebook deleted this link on mine and my friend’s walls.
    One of my friends posted it, then I posted on a friend’s wall as well as one of my other Facebook pages.
    A few hours later it was deleted from all of our walls.

    Why would Facebook do this?

  5. Mr. Farfegnold says:

    The concept of thumbs up and guns is one of great symbolic meaning. If we were to take a step back and appreciate all the large waffles on this planet we call home then we as a whole would be seeing many more political blueberry pies. Now, you see it only takes a bit of effort to step back and open your eyes to what is REALLY going on here. We can do this guys, one by one. The only question is WHO’S WITH ME?!

  6. Ryan Bende says:

    Chuck Norris never needed a gun, but unfortunately his thumbs caused more deaths than all these movie put together.

  7. Alisha says:

    You know what’s really interesting here is that “thumbs-up” isn’t always a positive gesture. It is perceived negatively in most of the Middle East, some of South America, and Africa. Essentially, some people perceive it at the US equivalent of the middle finger….kind of an “up yours!” type of gesture. Looking at the pictures knowing that, to me, makes it even more humorous.

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