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Guys prank a friend with a bucket of water. Friend responds like a boss…

Mar 8, 2012 By Abraham

If you’re anything like me, seeing a prank video online usually elicits a meh at best, but in this case it’s a prank video with a bonus twist ending…and that’s why it has nearly a million views in three days.


    1. jb says:

      You mean the guy that hasn’t been seen since 2006 and is thought to be dead ? Pure evil yes but a few years late no? or stopping kony as in stopping invisible children from using kony for political and monetary gain ? only 32% of funds raised by them since 2003 ever made it to Africa.

      1. PAul says:

        kony Hasnt been seen since 2006 because hes in hiding, thats why we’re trying to find him so we can arrest him and prosecute him, also Invisible children is not just about capturing LRA members but also rehabilitation for the affected children. Invisible children does put about a third of their money to groundwork another third goes to awareness and another third is split up in fundraising, management costs, and film; i believe these costs are necessary as much more can be accomplished by lobbying to influencial celebrities and politicians.Whats more they are completely open with their use of fundsand if you dont agree with their use of it, you shouldnt respond by saying their cause is not a valid one

        heres a link from their website http://www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html
        or you can get the info on their expenses from charity navigator.

        1. Carr says:

          You do understand that if they produce “awareness” in-house, then that’s simply another 1/3 added into the “fundraising, management costs, and film”. In fact, I would certainly argue that the former is already part of the definition of the latter.

          I would also debate how much can be accomplished by lobbying (which, unless you are paying people off, is and should be free). Celebrities have nothing to do with global aid movement, and politicians cannot be the organizers of outreach. And neither of these are the primary target of the Kony video which started this silly thread.

        2. CPA says:

          They are fully open with their use of funds because they are required by US law to report it as a non-profit. 37% into Africa and about 46% into awareness and fundraising? That would make sense if you were a new company, but you have been in business since 2006. This doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. Power says:

      You think this is funny?

      Do you want to hear something funny?
      There were a kony event in Denmark and expected several hundreds to show up.
      Only 25 came including journalists.
      Now that’s funny!

      1. chandler bing says:

        for some reason everyone feels the need to help the little african kids..id rather help the denmark ones. they actually contribute to the world. unlike africans, who have done nothing but waste and ruin all their natural resources and it will forever be stuck in the primitive ages there.

    3. Jasmine F. says:

      Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine… as another person who shares the same name, I regret to inform you that your claim to the “Jasmine” title has been rescinded. Go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  1. Sal says:

    That guy is such a sport! I love his laugh as he realizes he’s been had! And then his excitement when he catches the bucket!

  2. MollyJ says:

    Why didn’t he then throw the water all over the guys who set him up? I was totally waiting for that!

    1. Joshua says:

      You must obviously not know who FreedieW is…Its ok, you’re new to the internetz, so I’ll let it slide.

      1. jason says:

        how would knowing who “FreedieW is” (sic) make any difference as to whether this is a scripted “stunt” or not?

    1. Chelsi says:

      This is cute, funny, and harmless. What do you do in your spare time? Do you even have friends? Do you even laugh?

      Girls like you annoy girls like me.

  3. joshua says:

    was there really water in the bucket? ive seen this guys vids before, it wouldnt be that unlike him.
    if there was, WOW.

    1. Joshua says:

      There was water in the bucket, you can see it splash out when he does his little pump of joy and the bucket ends up in his right hand.

  4. Steve says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m not a yank, but as soon as it was up there my thought was “just let it go and catch it”.

    1. Mike says:

      Maybe it’s because I’m an American, but I could understand you because of your heavy accent. Could you try typing in English next time?

  5. steven says:

    No, this is a very well known high quality youtube video producer. He makes many special effects laden videos that garner millions of views like every week. i think his name is eddy wong? or something.

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