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Gymnast’s head seems to have been replaced with a red ball

Aug 29, 2011 By Abraham

(via The Telegraph, TYWKIWDBI)


  1. sara says:

    It’s not photoshopped. She is arcing her back so that from this angle if looks like she has no head. The ball must be part of what she’s doing.

  2. Jon says:

    Based on the arms, it appears that this picture was taken from behind, with the gymnast’s head bent *forward*, out of sight. Even the leg can be seen to be the left leg pointed behind the gymnast, toward the camera. Takes a few looks to get past the initial effect, though.

    1. tonicclonic says:

      It’s definitely taken from the front. You can see the heel of her foot pointing down, not up, as it would if taken from behind.

    2. Michelle says:

      If this was actually a picture of her bending forward taken from the back, like you say, then her elbows and hands would be grossly disfigured with her elbows turning approximately 200-300 degrees past the norm. Seriously, hold your arms out behind you and try to get them to do that. And as tonicclonic said, the last I checked, people whose feet are completely upside down are unable to walk, let alone compete in sports. Oh yeah, she would also have thumbs where her pinkies should be, if this was taken from the back.

      This is Rhythmic gymnastics and there’s nothing photoshopped about it. Rhythmic gymnastics is not the same gymnastics most people typically watch during the Olympics (though it is an Olympic sport – just not a major televised one).

      Rhythmic gymnasts are extremely flexible, able to bend backwards and actually touch their butts with their heads. They compete in separate events with balls, hoops, ropes, clubs and ribbons, showing off their extreme flexibility along with feats of coordination, being able to throw the apparatus in the air, complete multiple twists, turns, leaps, etc. while it’s still up there and then catch it again, sometimes in their back between their head and butt or with their feet, etc.

  3. Calyx says:

    Silent Hill II…discombubustion. The mannequine-like arms look like extra legs…ope, there are some hands at the end of those really long arms. Awesome photo, tho’.

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