Hatchet-wielding hitchhiker gets the autotune treatment we’ve been waiting for

February 7, 2013 | By Abraham | 4 comments

The Gregory Brothers (of “Bed Intruder” and “Double Rainbow” fame) have taken the recent story of Kai the Hatcheting homeless guy and songified it for us…

(NSFW language)

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  1. butterbean says:

    You can tell just by looking at Kai’s eyes that he’s a good soul. I just want to bake him cupcakes and give him a bajillion hugs. :)

  2. Humans... :D says:

    This guy is incredible… It’s about time a good samaritan came around. This story is worth a lot more than most of the crap they show on the news these days. Let’s have some good news like this more…

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