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“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” as a show on the Discovery Channel

Sep 9, 2012 By Abraham

As Jimmy Kimmel says in the intro to this clip, you lose three IQ points every time you mention the show that’s referenced here. I’ve already mentioned it in the title of this post and I don’t feel like I should spare anymore of my limited intelligence quotient, so I’ll let Kimmel set this one up…

(via The FW)


  1. kdude63 says:

    You lose another 3 IQ points by looking at the preview image for this video. (The video frame before you click play.)\

    That face… *shudders*
    It’s like a redneck staring into your soul.

  2. Pspaughtamus says:

    PBS gives us Masterpiece Theater, Nova, and Sesame Street. TLC gives us Honey Boo-boo. TLC used to mean “The Learning Channel”, now it’s “Totally Lame Content”, “Totally Lost Credibility”, and, my favorite, “Trainwrecks, Losers, and Children”.

  3. Girl says:

    If you type into the 22Words search bar ‘Gecko drinks by licking its eyeballs’ you will come up with an image that looks just like the one for this video- I only know because they happened to crop up side-by-side. Really, search it!

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