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High-res scanned images of open-faced fast-food sandwiches [10 pictures]

Aug 15, 2013 By Abraham

Everyone who has bought a sandwich at a fast food restaurant has at some point opened up one of these sandwiches to see how it looks inside. For most of us, this has taught us either to not eat fast food anymore or, at least, to not look at it too closely.

Photographer Jon Feinstein, however, has not learned this lesson. In a bizarre and gross (yet somehow almost appetizing) ongoing series, he documents fast food in all its sloppy glory.

And he does so in a unique way, placing each item while it’s still warm in his scanner and scanning it. (This is why there’s a foggy, mold-looking quality in some of the images… It’s the condensation on the glass that’s pressing down on the food.) He explains that “ the process of placing the food onto a scanner gave the food a strange, specimen-like quality that could not be achieved in the same way if I were photographing it with a camera.”

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 07

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 01

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 02

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 03

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 04

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 05

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 06

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 08

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 09

Scanned Fast-food Sandwiches - 10

Feinstein doesn’t label the kind of sandwich it is, so you’ll have to make your best guesses (in the comments if you want to). Instead, he titles them by their fat content. Check out his site for those stats as well as some pics of fries and chicken, too, since not all the images in this series are sandwiches.

(via Behold)


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