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High schooler takes his great-grandma to prom because she never went to hers [3 pics]

May 2, 2014 By Joey

When 19-year-old senior Austin Dennison learned that his great-grandma Delores Dennison had never gone to prom, he decided to change that…

Granny Prom 2

After dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, Bob Evans, the unlikely couple made their way to the dance. They were given a standing ovation as they walked onto the floor to dance to “Delores,” a Frank Sinatra song Delores’s husband used to sing to her…

Granny Prom 1

The teenager even bought his great-grandmother a pearl necklace for the event and serenaded her on his guitar…

Granny Prom 3

(via USA Today)

Austin has set the bar very high for all other great-grandchildren…


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