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High-tech bathroom stall door is transparent until it gets locked

May 10, 2013 By Abraham

The door that makes the toilet private in this restroom is see-through unless the stall is occupied…


  1. George says:

    I see a lot of downside, and very little upside.

    Downside: It could fail at an inappropriate time. It involves technology, and therefore requires maintenance. It will probably wear out eventually and stop working… the list could probably go on.

    Upside: Uh… Makes an interesting YouTube video? You’re special because your friends and neighbors probably don’t have one? I dunno.

  2. will t says:

    I always thought these were amazing but the method of using gas between the two panes like this is crazy expensive.

  3. John Brush says:

    Very unique and advanced but it would be so embarrassing if the technology that operates it fails. The user can be seen inside. Not a very good sight.

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