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Hilariously awful infomercial acting — Actors pretending to be terrible at routine tasks

Apr 23, 2014 By Joey

The hallmark of any good infomercial is a depiction of someone struggling with an impossibly frustrating task, followed by a demonstration of how the product being advertised will solve this terrible problem.

Of course, the acting is always terrible and the “problem” usually isn’t nearly as bad as they’re trying to make you think it is, which makes for a hilarious video when all of these clips are shown together…


  1. Crock-Pot FTW says:

    “We all love homemade soups and sauces, but who wants to stand in front of the stove for hours stirring?” Soups and sauces really are too difficult.

    Also, this compilation is the ultimate tease. I want to know what all the brilliant products are!

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