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How could you possibly be afraid of pit bulls. Just LOOK at them!

Aug 6, 2014 By Abraham

When pit bulls are photographed, they’re often portrayed as ultra-tough, thus strengthening the stereotype that they are “dormant psychopaths,” as photographer Sophie Gamand puts it.

So she decided to look at these dogs differently.

What if instead of gritty and rugged, they were shown as “soft fairy-tale-inspired characters, feminine and dreamy”?

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 01

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 02

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 03

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 04

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 05

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 06

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 07

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 08

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 09

Flower Power Pit Bulls - 10

(See more from Sophie Gamand.)

All these gentle dogs are available for adoption in New York City through either Sean Casey Animal Rescue or Second Chance Rescue.


  1. Phoebe says:

    These dogs, trained well with good owners, might be fine, as angelic as they seem here.

    But in other circumstances… well, my dad a UPS driver was mauled viciously by 2 of them (he did not provoke them). So, I still don’t trust the breed entirely.

  2. Damaia says:

    I believe that pit bulls are like any dog–for the most part, sweet and loving. Occasionally though you just get unstable dogs. I don’t for one minute believe that there aren’t early signs of dangerously aggressive behavior for the most part. Most of the dogs who have attacked people often show signs of instability (nipping at their owners, etc) and the owners refuse to acknowledge it and do anything about it. Like parents with bratty kids, they just make up excuses for the behavior and ultimately ignore it. My mom cleaned for a lady who had THE sweetest dog, a springer spaniel, who I never would have expected anything from. One visit, the dog was gone, as well as all her stuff. When I asked the owner about it, she stated that despite years of good behavior and upbringing, she had started to bite at her. The owner was aware of a condition in that breed that caused aggressive behavior as they get older and had her put down before she could attack. (The dog was on the elderly side, so it wasn’t like her lifespan was cut tragically short.) If all owners took this kind of responsibility with ANY breed, we would see a lot fewer dog attacks and could easily figure out which ones were instigated by the so-called ‘victim’.


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