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How doing yoga is basically the same as getting completely wasted.

Jan 4, 2011 By Abraham

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  1. Megan S. says:

    I had a friend send me this and I’ll say the same thing to this post as I said to her forward. The state of these people is not funny. Not at all! Look at them! That’s sad, broken, destitution. It’s a disease. It’s death. I am heart broken for their lives that have brought them to this place. How is this helping them?

    These people are hurting. I hope you don’t miss that in the midst of this joke.

    1. Ramon del Fuego says:

      Other people’s pain is entertainment. That’s why Dr. Phil has been on for so long, why blooper shows are still on, and why you can find monthly “Fail” compilation videos on YouTube. You can’t stop people being entertained by other people’s misfortune/pain. It’s just human. So relax, and chuckle a bit. It won’t kill you.

      1. Jesus says:

        If it does kill you though, please have the common decency to record it and, in your will, instruct your loved ones to post it on YouTube.

    2. Rita says:

      I agree, very sad. I’ve seen a lot of people ruin their lives and their families’ lives with alcohol. If these pics were of people just out having a good time, fine. But look at the guy’s feet in the last pic. To me, this doesn’t say, “I just had a little too much fun last night.” there looks to be a bigger issue. I also think there is a big difference between a blooper reel and human suffering. But, maybe my sense of humor just isn’t as advanced as others’. Maybe if I just lightened up I too could find humor in pain. And, on second thought, I don’t find blooper reels funny either. Guy gets hit in the balls and curls up in fetal position – not funny. Fat lady falls on her butt while dancing – not funny. Man, I really need to relax.

    3. Christine Carol Flynn says:

      It is obvious that these actors are posed as people who have passed out. It is very funny. The joke is meant to poke fun at Yoga. Which it does. As someone who has recently embarked on new exercise program, I can relate to the humor.

    4. Paula says:

      Millions of people have given this “disease” up. I lived with an alcoholic. They make other people suffer. They should all live alone and not bother anyone else with their poison. And I mean the poison in their heads, not the bottle.

  2. Cory lamb says:

    It is definitely not a disease. They didn’t get drunk because they caught alcoholism from someone else and it’s not caused by an autoimmune disorder. They made the decision that led to them being passed out in yoga positions. Funny post Abraham. Thanks for keeping some of us laughing.

    1. Michell says:

      OMG! Thank you! I am so sick of hearing and reading that alcoholism and obesity are diseases. They are NOT. First thing to quit, bending the elbow,(to bring the bottle/food to the mouth) Second thing to quit = Wallowing!!

      1. Tana says:

        Except it is a disease – unless you don’t think of schizophrenia, or manic depression, or ADD, or bipolar disorder, or anything other chemical imbalance located in the brain a disease. Then I guess you could return to Candyland, where wanting to be able to put down the needle and feed your child is as easy as it sounds to all the healthy brains in the room. Gee, just quit! Guess no one before you ever thought to tell an addict that before! You should write a book!

  3. Dianne says:

    Abraham, this one makes me sad. I think it crosses a line into a region where frat-boy cruelty is considered funny.

    Do you like Cory’s response?

    Whether alcoholism is a disease in the sense that Megan and Cory dispute is almost irrelevant to my point. Whether it is or not, smug derision of such disastrous human self-destructive weakness just doesn’t sit well.

    1. Scott says:

      The joke is pointed at yoga, not alcoholism. Humor can be found in all manner of sad situations. I sincerely doubt these pictures were intended to mock broken relationships caused by alcoholism, the abuse that can come hand in hand, or the lives broken and ruined by an addiction that overwhelms reason.

      Yoga looks kind of dumb.

    1. Joey says:

      Well, I am pretty darn sure that the person who put these up here didn’t take the pictures. They are usually found and then reposted here. And I must agree, yoga either looks completely sexual, or like a drunken contortionist and most if not all of the poses hurt like crap. Besides, you can’t say that we who found the humor in something we ourselves didn’t stumble upon are horrible people. I actually say a drunk man fall off of his bike near my car, got out, and with the help of my friend I drove him to his home and wife. We dropped off his bike with her, and she thanked us profusely for ‘saving his life.’ I don’t feel like I did anything special, just what I thought anyone would do. But I also got a chuckle out of these pictures.

  4. Keraos says:

    Frankly, I find this quite amusing. People need to learn to lighten up, and realize that most of these people would probably be fairly happy to learn they’ve ended up on this page. None of the people here look like they’ve actually been victims of “frat-boy cruelty”, they just happened to pass out because they drank too much. Which is a decision they probably made for themselves.

    Sir, I salute you. Well done!

  5. Kristina says:

    I knew before I looked that the drunk photos would be from Russia. I used to see people like that all the time when I lived there, and it was horrible. If we got to them before they passed out, my friends and I would try to help them.

    So now that my sympathy and human kindness bona fides are clear, I can say that this is a hilarious poke at yoga!

  6. Fredrick says:

    Being able to laugh at ourselves is part of human survival there is a duality here of course…to not be precious enough to see through it is the key… I still feel empathy to the alcohol induced uncoscious state ..its not one that is trutly enjoyed..Yoga however can create the opposite..if there were more yoga practitioners and less drunks the world would be a better place…

  7. Nomad says:

    Go and help them. Instead of this stupid mentoring. Or try some yoga. At a gym or a pub, YOUR CHOICE! The same as theirs.

  8. MSISBS says:

    Addiction is NOT a disease, it is a person’s inability to exercise self control. I have a disease with NO cure and I don’t appreciate being in the same category as these drunk people. We both have a “problem”, but the difference is that I didn’t CHOOSE mine as they did.

    1. Amber says:

      Actually addiction is a result of a chemical process that changes the DNA in a part of the brain that regulates self control.

    2. Cropchick says:

      Addiction is idolatry in which God hard wired our brains to have a certain reaction to continual use of porn, drugs, alcohol, gambling eating; what ever. If you do the same continual behaviour long enough eventually you’ll crave the “high”. Not a disease and eventually not a choice. God hard wired our brains to love and the nueron pathways that get used the most eventually work the best. Some people just chose the wrong thing to love…

    3. maureen says:

      Cancer and heart disease are often result of a person’s inability to exercise self control (caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking). So I guess cancer and heart disease aren’t diseases, right?

  9. Monica says:

    Megan S. is probably one of those people who get offended when people say the national anthem, or when people say “Merry Christmas” to her. Lighten up, it’s a JOKE. Nobody is laughing at alcoholism, they are laughing at the comparison being made. I don’t know if you have noticed, but almost every joke in the world has some sort of negative connotation, so being offended by this makes me, and everone else, assumes you to be a stingy, overly sensitive pain.

  10. Gilbert says:

    Well Monica. It’s really shameful isn’t it, that Megan S. has some compassion in her life. For you to ridicule her thoughtfulness and concern, really makes you look like a cold hearted human. So, i hope you enjoy your thoughts brought down on us, and maybe that will warm your poor sad soul.

  11. Lauren says:

    Just because someone is drunk doesn’t mean they suffer from alcoholism. I’ve come home to find my roommate in a number of similar positions to these and she is not an alcoholic. I think it’s funny.

  12. Jenn S. says:

    Yes Lauren, if your roomate ends up in these positions, she’s an alcoholic. Non-alcoholics do not drink to excess. You’ll figure that out when you’re older.

    1. sara m says:

      People who are not alcoholics NEVER drink to excess? That’s not true. I’m guessing though, that if Lauren’s roommate is in these positions frequently she probably is engaging in some self-destructive behaviors and is possibly an alcoholic.

    2. Christine Carol Flynn says:

      Getting drunk and passing out does NOT make you an alcoholic. If this were the case, 99 percent of the people I have known from birth would be classifies as alcoholics. Sneezing and coughing a few times does not mean you have allergies. Feeling depressed does not mean you have clinical depression, getting angry and yelling at someone does not mean you need anger management therapy. GET OFF YOUR HOLIER THAN THOU HIGH HORSE!!!!!! I’m sick of people like you.

      The reality of alcoholism is much more complicated than that.

  13. anonymous moose says:

    I can’t believe I read through these preachy, sanctimonious, and, what’s worse, entirely ignorant, comments.

    Megan S., Dianne, JonoC, Gilbert, Jenn S.: are you guys for real? Is this some churchy preachy American thing that Europeans don’t understand? What is it with the compassion bussiness? These are passed-out people in funny positions. If you weren’t moralizing everything you’d see it for what it is. Instead, your moralizing, “we’re better than this” world view causes you to be afraid of this, and mad at anyone who shows you this. You prefer not to see it. I think you’re sad.

    1. finchnugget says:

      You’re not a moose, you’re a clown. And a european clown, which makes it worse. It’s quite obvious that you fancy yourself some type of intellect who has freed himself from the shackles of religion. A post modern buffoon using tired and petty pomo attacks. “I think you’re sad”? “Ignorant”? Really? Is that all you have to say to people with whom you disagree? That’s why nobody can stand your type, because ultimately your arguments and comments are devoid of any meaningful content – and unfortunately the internet is full of your type, because all the people who hare actually out doing good in the world don’t have time to post petty comments on silly fora.

      Bottom line is that those people were right to be concerned, and you are wrong. You could only be right in a godless universe, but we live in a God-ordered, God-ordained universe that is very much guided by moral priciple. Everything does have a moral relationship to the God of all creation, and since these people are made in his image, fallen they may be, it is indeed unfortunate for us to laugh at their demise. On the surface it’s funny, but only when you mindlessly skim through it like most everthing else on the internet. When you take a moment to think, and if you can overcome your foolish, European, post-enlightenment hogwash of a philosophy, you may actually begin to appreciate the concern and prayers of the dear folk whom you just slandered in all your “openmindedness”.

      1. Christine Carol Flynn says:

        I didn’t bother to finish reading this once I got to the “god” part. I’m laughing so hard whilst typing, I can barely type. God-ordained universe? Really? It’s the year 2012 and you’re still hung up on this god stuff. How in the universe do you know anything about this deity of which you speak. Does it send you visions?? Shut up and let the rest of us have an innocent laugh. We don’t need cult followers like you preaching.

  14. jodi says:

    Alcoholics can control their alcohol consumption after they start drinking the same way a person controls distros. That’s why they’re called alcoholics. And it isn’t a choice for them. their bra

  15. jerrett says:

    Also, getting highly intoxicated does not make you an alcoholic and doesn’t mean your life is in ruins. All your preachy religious noise is annoying, last time I checked Jesus drank wine, hell his blood for the sacrament is wine, oso how wasted did he have to be all the time? The bible itself says to eat, drink, and be merry. Oddly enough there is nothing about alcohol in excess was bad. In those days that’s all people drank because fresh water was scarce. Know what the hell your talking about before you get diarrhea of true mouth.

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