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How Google, Microsoft, and Apple treat 3rd party developers

Jul 7, 2011 By Abraham

By Manu

(via Global Nerdy)

True in your experience?


  1. Adam says:

    The keyword there was 3rd party Brent. When they pay people to develop for them that makes them Apple employees.

    1. Brent Hobbs says:

      Apple just handles the revenue that comes into the App Store. They are not Apple employees. Apple takes a 30% cut and forwards the rest onto the developers.

    2. Amber says:

      As a third party developer…you’re 100% wrong. The apps from the app store are written by people who have no ties to apple whatsoever except that Apple sells our products.

  2. Stephen May says:

    Seems fairly accurate to this (non-commercial) software developer.

    Also, Apple’s tightly controlled app store has always been an annoyance with me, both as a user and a potential app developer.

  3. Josh S says:

    Not quite accurate. Google doesn’t give out the source code for most of their products — certainly none of their important ones.

    All 3 companies provide API’s and Apple has some awesome free developer tools. They do charge developers to be published in the App Store, though, but it’s such a benefit to developers that they’re all willing to pay. People actually buy stuff in the App Store. There’s a free developer program at Apple too.

    Also MS charges for their dev tools, or at least they used to.

    I have no idea why I’m even taking the time to respond to this. Haha. I guess it’s my inner Apple fanboy?

    1. Hamman Samuel says:

      This is very accurate from a developer perspective. Apple’s the same from a consumer and developer perspective, closed-architecture, and failed attempts at creating a monopoly

  4. Josh Calvetti says:

    Nope, I’d disagree… it’s pretty widely-held that Apple’s tools are some of the best in the business, as well as free. If this is true, I find it odd that there are so many more applications for iOS than Android. In other words, I think the comic is rubbish.

    1. dsimathguy says:

      As a game programmer, I agree with this comic.

      I’ve spent well over a year trying to find some way to create apps for Apple products and all I have come up with is expensive downloads and a lot of strings attached. I finally decided to give up and work solo instead.

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