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How pretty girls can trick sleazy guys into helping Japan

Mar 29, 2011 By Abraham


Inappropriate, true. But amusingly effective, I imagine. And, really, why shouldn’t the suckers make a donation?


  1. Laura @ Texas in Africa says:

    I hate to be the annoying broken record here, but Japan doesn’t need our support, beyond prayer and other intangibles. It’s the third-largest economy on earth and they are turning away most offers for assistance. Much better to give to a general fund of a reputable organization helping in places that are in real need of our help – the Red Cross/Red Crescent working with refugees from Libya or any organization helping in Cote d’Ivoire, where over 400,000 people are displaced by the brewing civil war.

    1. Abraham Piper says:

      I think 90999 was the same number that the Red Cross used for Haiti, which leads me to believe that the donations go into some sort of general fund and are used as needed.

      Also, their website says,

      On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.

      So hopefully the funds are being used as you describe.

  2. Photographer Leia says:


    From what I’ve read the funds do go to a general fund. If you donate through the website though, I believe that you can designate where you want the money to go (Japan or the general disaster relief fund.) While Japan is turning away third party assistance at the moment, I have read that the Red Cross has a Japanese division which is assisting in disaster relief. As as a result, money given to the Red Cross is supposed to actually be making its way to Japan.

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