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How to forecast the weather without any gadgets

Jun 2, 2010 By Abraham

Click the image to make it readable.

(via The Presurfer and Marisys)

This post is especially for my weather-obsessed friend, Dave Hartland.


  1. Lowell Stoltzfus says:

    I like the “Rope” method of weather forecasting.

    Let a short piece of rope dangle from your hand outside…

    1. If it gets wet, it is raining.

    2. If it gets white, it is snowing.

    3. If it is sideways, it is windy.

    4. If you can’t see it, it is nighttime (technically not a weather thing, but helpful nonetheless).

  2. Matthew W says:

    “high humidity… tends to precede heavy rain.”

    Unless you’re in Texas… then it’s always humid, all the time. :-/

    1. Denita says:

      I dunno, it can get really dry out here in Granite Shoals. We’re talking strength-sapping mouth-cottoning pour-on-the-lip-balm-and-lotion kind of dry. And it’s next to a lake, even!

  3. Dave says:

    Hmm…I question the validity of some of these, but – overall – I think it’s pretty accurate. Ya know, if you’re into old wives’ tales and all.

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