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How to make an awesome, simple ring out of colored pencils [pics & video]

Peter Brown is a computer geek by day and a woodworker by night and weekend. He recently posted a video and series of pictures demonstrating a fun project he experimented with that turned out very successfully.

Using a box of colored pencils and some glue, he created this nifty piece of wooden jewelry…

Colored Pencil Ring - 01

Assuming you have the tools, the process is wonderfully simple…

Get some colored pencils…

Colored Pencil Ring - 02

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Colored Pencil Ring - 03

Glue them together…

Colored Pencil Ring - 04

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Drill a hole the size of the ring you want…

Colored Pencil Ring - 05

Rough cut the outside of the ring…

Colored Pencil Ring - 06

Begin shaping it on a lathe…

Colored Pencil Ring - 07

Colored Pencil Ring - 08

Finish shaping it on a lathe…

Colored Pencil Ring - 09

Colored Pencil Ring - 10

Spray lacquer on it…

Colored Pencil Ring - 11

And you’re done…

Colored Pencil Ring - 12

Colored Pencil Ring - 13

Here’s a video of the process you can watch for more detail…

Brown was not expecting his weekend experiment to generate the interest it has, so he’s not prepared for orders. But he says he’ll make more and add them to his Etsy page soon.

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