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How to make people think you have a girlfriend with your right hand and Instagram [10 pics]

Aug 9, 2013 By Abraham

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 01

If you want people online to think you’re in a romantic relationship that you’re not really in, then photographer Keisuke Jinushi is here for you.

First, cover your hand with makeup, apply nail polish, and wear a scrunchie around your wrist…

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 03

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 04

Then contort yourself to touch your own face and feed yourself in the way that a girlfriend who takes pictures of herself touching your face and feeding you would touch your face and feed you…

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 02

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 06

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 08

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 10

Add whatever filter your imaginary girlfriend would use and — Voila! — photographic proof that you’re super romantic for you to post on your favorite pic sharing site…

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 09

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 07

Fake Girlfriend Pics - 05

(via Oddity Central)


    1. PhilA says:

      anyone who takes photographs is, by definition, a photographer, even if you use a rubbish little disposable, or, even worse, an iPhone ;-)

  1. JoshG says:

    Not very convincing since you’re apparently supposed to take a lot of selfies and no pics of this mysterious girl.

  2. Cassey says:

    I love how he is sitting in a cafe and no one is turned towards him with a WTF look on their face. I can see this as a funny FB joke but the fact that he is having someone document it for him like it’s a “thing” is frickin hilarious.

  3. bk201 says:

    It’s usually just the Japanese that have these weird “fetishes” aka guy marrying a video game character or “air sex”.

  4. Alice Zindagi says:

    Um… This is creative, for sure, but this is pretty pathetic. If it is anything more than a Facebook joke, then I feel sorry for this guy. I feel like someone who is enough of a goofball to think this is funny and doesn’t paint him as a loser is probably the same kind of someone who would end up friendzoning himself and going home to his right hand anyway:


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