How to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 20 moves or less (and more Rubik’s Cube trivia)

January 20, 2011 | By Abraham | 14 comments

See the whole image.

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  1. Rob H says:

    I can’t get this solution to work for the life of me. And at one point in my life I could solve any Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    Does that make me a nerd?

          1. DietherJohn says:

            well mine was 3 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days 5 hours 29 minutes and 5 seconds and that make’s me a nerd

  2. Rob H says:

    Ahh, I think that’s because the diagram makes it sound like the solution on the right-hand side will solve *any* Rubik’s cube no matter what position it is in.

    After researching a bit, I think the point of the new data Google provided is that it takes no more than 20 quarter rotations to solve a cube no matter its position; but, that solution will vary depending on the condition of the cube. There is not a “one size fits all” solution.

    My hopes of impressing people at cocktail parties has now come to an end.

    So, you might want to clarify that, Abraham. :o)

  3. Tim S says:

    This doesnt work, simple only certain positions work i can solve a rubiks cube in 1:58 and that takes practice

  4. TheNerdWriter says:

    This thing sucks so badly. I understand the basic 20 moves thing. But the one size fits all thing is plain DUMB.
    I still haven’t found any good tutorials. Check out: CrazyBadCuber on youtube for openings, solvings, and reviews on all sorts of cubes. if you want to buy cubes Ckeck out

  5. narendra reddy says:

    I can solve a rubik’s cube in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Is there any website to solve it in lesss than 40-50 seconds , say me please.

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