How to survive a Grizzly Bear attack

September 1, 2012 | By Abraham | 3 comments

Short answer: Play dead.

This clip from National Geographic fleshes it out a bit more…

(via Doobybrain)

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  1. gord says:

    a bear will often feign an attack. it is always important to stand your ground and not run away. bears will attack for one of two reasons; to protect it’s territory or cubs, or to kill for food.

    if it’s protecting itself, your best bet is to play dead – face to the ground with your hands over your neck (like in the video). your legs should be spread apart so that the bear has a hard time flipping you over onto your back. it will soon move away – play dead until it leaves the area.

    the second scenario is much harder. if a bear is stocking you, then YOU are its food. playing dead will not work! become big and aggressive – punch and kick back at the bear, as your life will depend on it.

    just to make things tricky – some defensive bear attacks turn into offensive bear attacks. every bear is different and so is every bear attack. the best plan is to avoid bears all together – bring bear spray, heed warnings (bear scat, fresh paw prints), make lots of noise, and warn authorities if you see a bear in the area

  2. Lee Shelton says:

    I like Jim Gaffigan’s take on this issue: “When they find a body that’s been mauled by a bear, how do they know that guy wasn’t playing dead? Maybe he was the best at it.”

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