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How to tell a tourist from an art student by how they take pictures

Nov 10, 2011 By Abraham 15

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    1. Sal says:

      I dunno. Have you noticed the huge number of teenage girls with really expensive cameras who think that they’re photographers because of it?

      1. Eleanor says:

        It’s definitely not just teenage girls. Also true of a lot of grown women I know who seem to think starting a photography business will be easy as pie. (except easier! Because hey, no baking.)

  1. Amy says:

    The angle actually does help. Though it kills your back. ;)
    Every teenage girl nowadays thinks she’s a photographer and it’s all the rich teenage girls who think they’re photographers who get fancy cameras even if they can’t take a picture better than a 2 year old. ;)

  2. Eric says:

    I think they mean the art graduate is working harder to get that good composition, whereas the tourist just points and shoots.

  3. sean says:

    taking a step backwards would ruin the perfect angle, the body angle actually does help in composition.
    As for tourist vs student, this is a horrible representation, because EVERYONE knows the art student would be shooting the bag on the ground

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