How Tom Hanks responds to an interview request with a typewriter

October 9, 2012 | By Abraham | 11 comments

The folks at Nerdist sent Tom Hanks an antique typewriter as a gift with an invitation to join them for an episode of their podcast. Here’s his response, written with his new vintage typewriter…

And here’s the resulting interview.

(via Reddit)

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    1. Kevin says:

      I think all the typos are letters typing on top of each other, such as “ad” instead of “and” and “e ople” instead of “people”.

      1. antiimbeciles says:

        Hey,’geniuses’, that was the JOKE, he misspelled in purpose to show how
        ‘great’ the type writer is! he was being ‘sarcastic’, Tom Hanks way! How do you i*** manage to open the internet?

  1. Genie Coats says:

    Whomever can get this message to Tom Hanks, there is a “Pickers’ mall in Concord, North Carolina that has old typewriters. Ir’s in our mountains and is called The Depot.

    I also have a portable Royal which has only caps that I’m ready to let go.

    Anybody interested?

    Genie Coats

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