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Huge parasitic worm coiling out of a huge dead spider

Jan 14, 2013 By Abraham

Australian skater/videographer Brent Askwith was working on a film when he saw a huge spider. He killed it with some insecticidal spray and then this happened…

(via Gawker)


  1. Kilroy Kiljoy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for either one of those monsters. So nasty. The Earth would do well without either of them, I trust.

  2. sharon says:

    THAT was nasty. I do kinda feel sorry for the spider because it must be horrible to have a huge parasite like that living inside you. :/ But that worm was gross! I wonder why the spray didn’t kill it?

  3. Quizikl says:

    Little fleas have littler fleas
    upon their backs to bite ’em.
    And littler fleas have tinier fleas
    and so on ad infinitum.

    All of God’s creatures have pests that prey upon them, even the smallest.

  4. Pspaughtamus says:

    Until about :37, I wondered if it would ever get all the way out, if there was an end. I mean, I knew it had to have another end…

    It may have been a trick of lighting, but I’d swear that the abdomen of the spider collapsed a little towards the end. That squicked me more than the worm itself coming out.

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