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If Disney princesses were evil [9 pictures]

Jun 26, 2012 By Abraham

From Jeffrey Thomas

More “twisted princesses”

(via Reddit)


  1. Amanda says:

    Need to branch out and make more dark disneys these are a great twistup! although i actually feel bad for cinderella :(

  2. Corrie says:

    Not sure which is the creepiest. Probably Gus the mouse from Cinderella. He was such a cute little mouse, lol!

  3. Carr says:

    Mulan looks like a (darker) Blue Dragon character. That only serves to make the most awesome of Disney Princesses that much more awesome. I need a poster of this. My wife will kill me, but I do.

  4. lukables says:

    i am not gonna claim i can do better but…COME ON….MAID MARIAN!? i would’ve done like Rapunzel hair tied in a noose strangling some innocent prince charming…and and….have Ariel sing to sailors beckoning them to their dooms on there dooms on jagged rocks lol….Cinderella looks awesome though

    1. juliet says:

      they should make a movie on all of them,this is the princesses that have been to a mental home and had nothing better to do with there live but kill and look evil

  5. morgan powys says:

    Yet another artist who has no [email protected] idea how bows work…

    1. None says:

      And what is wrong with don’t the bow other than the wood isn’t being pulled inward? Also, why does it have to be realistic? It’s a fox using a bow, it doesn’t have to be realistically correct….

  6. felixr says:

    Very nice, especially Jasmine, but mostly too much like Zombie. Also reminds me of Princess Mononoke, though she is “good”.

  7. Chaz Kemp says:

    These are freaking AWESOME!!! LOVE the art – your style is fantastic and your facial expressions are extremely well done. As for the concept – it’s so very imaginative… and cool… and creepy… and cool. lol Very very well done. Now I have to go look at all of your other stuff.


    Why is Pocahontas dark-skinned? She was indigenous American, she would be light-skinned/white. The Rapunzel and Beauty And The Beast are great. Nice work.

  9. Vatnos says:

    These could make good movies in their own right. Some of them would even be more interesting, with ‘anti-heroines’.

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