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If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this

Feb 6, 2014 By Joey

Tripp and Tyler, who most recently entertained us with conference calls in real life, have a fantastic new video poking fun at…well, all things Facebook…


  1. Isabel says:

    ok, I didn’t think I was that slow a reader, but most of the stuff went by too quickly to judge whether it was funny or not. Too bad, it looked promising, but I can’t spare the time to watch it 3x more.

    1. TD says:

      Really? Not moving that quickly honestly, gotta train the eyes to scan quickly. The human brain doesn’t need every word read to comprehend and understand what is written or typed.

      1. Some Guy says:

        There’s also, you know, a pause button. I thought the video was going a bit quickly, so I just paused now and then to make sure I could read what was on screen. For a video being streamed online, where you know that people absolutely have the capability to pause, it’s not completely unreasonable to design some videos with the idea people will pause them before continuing on.

      2. gary cullen says:

        Oh my. I can’t wait for you to age a little, and experience first hand the slowing of the senses. And your theory of the brain not needing to see every word, uh, that too changes with age.

        1. Mystikan says:

          Gary, I’m 47 and I had no problem following that video even without pausing. Yes, my eyes aren’t as good as they once were and my brain has slowed down a bit since I was 20, but we can’t blame decrepitude for all of our shortcomings! ;)

    2. speedreader says:

      I read all of that easily, and was even left waiting for the slides to change sometimes. I believe the ability to read quickly is a skill you can practice though. Do you read many novels?

    1. Benjamin says:

      I’m 100% with you on that…but if it had been any bigger a spoiler I’d have been pretty damn angry.

      Directly on the video, though…it’s probably a more accurate representation of what life on Facebook is like, but I do feel the actual ‘A look back’ videos are the coolest thing Facebook has done in just about ever.

      1. Stefanie says:

        Not cool, people! That’s like saying, “Rick Grimes dies in The Walking Dead!!” That’s just not right to share spoilers like that.

          1. Pspaughtamus says:

            I hope you’re just pretending to be stupid in the vain attempt to be funny. For those unaware, Rick Grimes is the character, Andrew Lincoln is the actor.

  2. pasha says:

    Facebook starts to remand me of soviet Russia. People spent great deal of time discussing how much the place sucks. Only difference is it took great deal of effort to have left soviet Russia. you need just a click to leave fb. But i noticed over the years those who complain the most are the once who never leave.
    It did change my political views as well as help me learn stuff, came to event I have enjoyed. And i never felt it occupy more of my time then it should.
    So maybe int’s not Facebook you are frustrated over.

    1. Tiffani says:

      Making fun of something doesn’t necessarily mean that one is frustrated with it…it just means that it’s funny to well, make fun of it.
      If you need the number of a good proctologist to remove the stick from your a$$…just dial 411.

  3. Guy says:

    WTF?! Who put this video together?! Your joke about spoiling Breaking Bad ACTUALLY spoiled Breaking Bad for me! Not cool, man!

  4. Ruth Eisen says:

    Funny, but even more to the point. Other people had: cancer, died, family and friends died, sick, injured, raped, lost jobs, live in poverty, had their heart broken, etc. The uplifting, happy, life is wonderful music doesn’t jive. My FB friend did not appreciate that JERK in her FB movie! I don’t appreciate the FB ad/character/logo both before and after the minimovie-we all know we are on FB, we don’t need the advertising!

  5. Why This says:

    Why? Facebook has it’s vices, but I actually found loads of old friends I wouldn’t otherwise have met after all these years. Eventhough we are in different continents, it is a way to get in touch, get updated about each other’s interests, and created so many topics of conversations when we did meet. Last time I met up my friend at junior school days, who happened to visit Hong Kong, we talked nonstop for hours just because we were so updated about each other on Facebook!

    Every method of communication has its good and bad side. It is how you use it that matters.

  6. nick says:

    I think it nailed the naked solipsism, boastfulness and triteness of Facebook pretty well. I’ve seen worse ideas on TV comedy sketch shows, ones made by people paid a lot more.

    Oh and that hateful music. It’s on so many TV ads these days

  7. Ray says:

    That’s a very funny video! Liked it very much! BTW- who cares if someone spelled triscuit wrong? Such knit pickers here.

  8. Zinc says:

    Nailed it. And why so many people seem to think I’m at all interested in the food they eat is beyond me. It makes it look like the most interesting thing in their life is something they were served in a restaurant or baked in their kitchen.

  9. Tanya says:

    I loved this. Beautifully done. But it could go a step further and take on the social media marketing industry as well.Because that is even more vapid and sickening.

  10. cleo2271 says:

    some people just Look for the negative… and stay there- pun intended-llllol!
    FB tries to be about what people like and you guys are about what people do not like.

    Hilarious! at least you`re living your vision… :)

  11. Joy says:

    Just as your political view didn’t change because of a news feed, liking your Facebook page will not change anything for me either. Although it did get me to watch your clip and post a comment ;)

  12. Random Girl says:

    Fun!! Love your videos. And please, please keep up the droll parodies and mild contempt for all things sensational. They are appreciated.

  13. Em311 says:

    Two many ads on this page to see the video. One ad showed up in video and another ad on the side plays automatically. Ok, it was only covering up the music, but it was annoying and distracting.

  14. Jayson Rexs says:

    That was an interesting FB of yours. FB got many users and FB Movie they did by coding what to show and what not. They cant be unique as they have to do a lot of coding work. The FB movie which you had made was chosen by you, what to show and what not.

  15. Andreas says:

    Am I the only one who liked my facebook video? I thought it was cute and sentimental.
    I liked my friends ones, I never saw anything stupid?

    I’m not trying to sound like a jerk but, maybe you’re not using Facebook right?

  16. Karen says:

    If I hade made one, it would look just like that one!!! If my Dad was alive, or I went on vacations, or well, If I had a life!

  17. Patrice says:

    like like LIKE! Excellent satire on the pomposity of Facebook and how we all use it.

    It’s good to laugh — especially at ourselves.

    Well done!

    (I would click “Like”, but I don’t want to be inundated with updates for the next 10 years . . . )

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