'If I Fits, I Sits,' Said These 12 Cats Who Decided to Ruin Their Humans' Nativity Scenes | 22 Words

‘If I Fits, I Sits,’ Said These 12 Cats Who Decided to Ruin Their Humans’ Nativity Scenes

By Namina Forna

It's Christmastime, which means Christmas trees, Yuletide fires and... nativity scenes.

The perennial Christmas favorite, the Nativity scene is the centerpiece of every small town's Christmas decorations, and towns across America pride themselves on the extravagance of theirs. This is a celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, after all – (or, at the very least, a very pretty decoration, if you're not into the whole Christian Christmas thing).

But not everybody is impressed by the importance of the Nativity scene. By everybody, of course, we mean cats.


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