If World War I had been a bar fight

January 28, 2013 | By Abraham | 7 comments

A history teacher’s handout explaining World War I in smaller scale terms…

Originally by Nico Crisafulli, I believe.

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  1. Alana says:

    There’s no mention of Canada! Like, at all! Sure we kinda were synonymous with the British at that point, but there were a number of very important contributions. By the end of the war, the German soldiers were literally groaning in dread every time they heard they were going to be up against Canadians. Canada’s a stubborn battlefield opponent. Just look up the Creeping Barrage; only Canadians would be crazy enough to invent a battle strategy that involved the soldiers walking across no-man’s land just feet behind an ever-advancing wall of exploding shells.

    If Canada was in this, it would go something like “Canada jumps in when Britain calls to help out. Germany tries to crush it but Canada is a surprisingly scrappy fighter and has some really dirty and clever tricks up its sleeve. It lands a good one on Germany and Germany tries to avoid it for the rest of the fight, without much success. Canada gets beaten up a lot, but totally held its own so finished the fight feeling proud of itself.”

    1. slayerwulfe says:

      yes fought well and everything else so don’t be angry that no one is looking to conquer Canada, but i’m pretty sure the (Pacific Rim) would like to have B.C.

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