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Mom Draws Faces, Lets Her 4-year-old Draw Bodies, Ends Up With Adorably Weird Art

Sep 3, 2013 By Abraham

When artist Mica Angela Hendricks got a new sketch book a while back, her 4-year-old daughter was insistent upon being able to try it out herself. Hendricks tried to say no, but her daughter used a phrase on her mom that she must have heard a few times herself…

If you can’t share, we might have to take it away…

Well, that did the trick and Hendricks her little girl finish one of the characters she’d started in the new sketchbook. This turned out to be an accidental stroke of genius.

Hendricks now regularly draws faces for her daughter to finish. After the younger artist completes her confident pen strokes, the older then fills them in with color and and their collaborative work is done.

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 03

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 01

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 08

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 07

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 06

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 05

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 04

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 02

Read more about this project or buy some of the mother-daughter duo’s prints.


    1. Jaded says:

      You poor, poor thing, life really has nothing left to offer you does it? It’s all been done, there’s no REAL magic in the world, and you know it all already, what’s left for one of your infinite experience? Life, YAWN.

      1. Hunder gadderer says:

        Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or moling anyone just expressing an opinion.

        1. LHandRBrain says:

          Hunder gadderer,

          Don’t you see you’re own hypocrisy? You do realize the “Comment” is also Jaded’s “opinion”? What, she/he can’t defend the artists *fairly* unique vision?

          In my “opinion” Little Raincloud asks to be insulted if only because he/she doesn’t explain his/her conclusion intellectually.

          1. bizmont says:

            little raincloud’s comment just reeks of hipster elitism. if ouy’re gonna basically comment in a snarky way that you’ve seen it before, you’re gonna get snarky responses. duh
            why not link some of the examples you’ve seen before so others can enjoy more art like this.
            i thought it was a wonderful post!! very cute!

          2. Heather says:

            Flip, I’m just wondering how so much controversy came out such an adorable post [by that I mean the original collection of illustrations.]

            Love the drawings, though! =)

      2. miguel says:

        you guys.. LittleRaincloud wanted attention so he trolled this beautiful art and now you are giving it the attention it craves! quit it! :)

        1. Melissa S says:

          Uh, what’s wrong with you idiots? He says he’s seen it before. That is neither snarky or mean-spirited, it’s just a fact. Bunch of babies. If these pictures were so awe-inspiring to you it’s you I feel sorry for.

      3. Gator says:

        Jaded…awesome response! I’m still laughing my ass off right now! The story is great! Your response to Little Raincloud…BRILLIANT!!!

    2. xantheus says:

      Please get a life…I just feel sorry for you that you have nothing better going on in you life than to waste it posting comments like this.

      1. Hunder gadderer says:

        Your comment is far sadder than their’s. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or moling anyone just expressing an opinion.

        1. LordAstral says:

          And your comment is sadder still. You had to copy your same comment from earlier? Are you too lazy to type a new sentence or are you just that lacking in creativity that assembling a fresh sentence from words was too much strain for you?

          1. Melissa S says:

            I sympathize with the annoyance or re-writing the same responses to the same idiotic comments.

      1. Hunder gadderer says:

        Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

        1. Cis says:

          Keep spamming that same lame comment. It doesn’t make you look any better. Why is it that Raincloud is the only one that’s allowed to have an opinion? Are we not allowed to call someone out for major character flaws? Humanity cannot advance if we enable bad behavior.

          1. IBMike25 says:

            Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

          2. Jasper says:

            Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

          3. Caleb says:

            Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

          4. Nethero says:

            Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

          5. Hey Cis says:

            Relax dude, major character flaws? Humanity?? You don’t even know the guy. And bullying is bad behaviour. This, hardly.

      1. dude says:

        Sorry, but I’d much rather have a world full of blasé individuals like that one rather than idiots such as yourself.

          1. cd says:

            Your comment is far sadder than their’s. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or moling anyone just expressing an opinion.

        1. Melissa S says:

          Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

    3. Ben says:

      UNLIKELY! Even if you were 40, in order to have seen this a million different ways you would have had to see it over 68 times EVERY DAY since you were born! That’s almost once every 20 minutes, with no time to sleep!

  1. Kristin Turberville Haffey says:

    These are FANTASTIC! As an artist, your instinct is to NEVER let a four-year-old touch something you’ve worked on — and this mother clearly has skills. Good for her. I’ll have to try this with my little guy once he’s old enough. :)

          1. Eli says:

            Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

    1. Muahahaha says:

      HAHA “everyone ‘says it sucks'”. That made me laugh for a while.

      Awesome drawings this is brilliant

  2. Aly says:

    As dismal as some of the comments are, I find this delightful. So, you’ve seen it. I’ve seen a million sunsets too, but they’re all different and all appreciated.

    The more important thing is that this mama is giving her little person a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for the process of creating. I find that a pretty cool thing, no matter what one thinks of the art.

    Now tell me where I can get one… not the art (tho it’s certainly worthy), but a four year old to collaborate with me. I find it a grand idea.

    1. OHDenise says:

      Go to a local art college that may have Saturday classes for young students, or even an elementary school and find an art teacher who can direct you to their promising young students. Then volunteer to come in and work with a student on a demonstration project for the class. You can take it from there.

      1. Kristina says:

        Hehe so happy Ben did the math :) however.. With a rocket you could feasibly fly around the earth a bunch of times and experience that many more sunrises? Now how many times would you have to fly around the earth to see one million sunrises at the age of 30… Love this art. Inspires the silly out of me :)

  3. Dangerink says:

    These are so great! Not just the art, but the story behind it.
    I’m disappointed in the rude comments, so unnecessary, and
    Shows how pathetic some people really are.
    Keep up the amazing work girls, it truly is amazing.

  4. Furryfacesfurrylegs says:

    I love the slug one best – it makes me laugh every time I look at it – then I noticed it was playing hopscotch… slugs can’t jump…..!! Hahahaha….Fantastic work and genius idea, I love it!

      1. Me says:

        Yeah, that snail one looked FAR too advanced to go with the clumsy flower and sun. Like an adult did the snail body and the kid just did the background. FAKE.

        1. DSL says:

          Says right there in the story the little one did the basic body drawings and mom later went back and did the coloring and shading.
          Meanwhile — hooray! Found something else fun to do with my great-niece.

  5. swaynelle says:

    Beautiful. Magic makes you smile, it can only come from the inside out. This sparked some imagination in me that made me smile ad that’s what it’s all about. If people don’t smile… that’s their problem, they’ve forgotten how to access the magic inside themselves. Thank you for doing and sharing this, it made my heart warm.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Takes a real nobody to find something negative to say about this great mom and child. I m So pleased that the those negative people are becoming fewer and fewer. Pretty soon, little black claud and Jaded will be sucking their thumbs in a dark corner all by themselves.. right where theyve isolated themselves. There is not one thing good or cool or even the least bit interesting about what the’ve said. Great job you good mom. !!

    1. Shocked says:

      Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

      1. WaffleButt says:

        Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least Elizabeth isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

    1. lollymae says:

      You know yourself really well I see…..sheesh. I couldn’t imagine having no imagination and the to announce it?? I love this! How imaginative.

      1. Grammar Police says:

        Ugh. So many of you are under arrest for forgetting basic punctuation and spelling in your rally cries for the defense of these sketches and their artistic merits. Lollymae you will be held without bail but not processed immediately because you *tried* to form a coherent thought. I personally find them cute, but hardly worth an article. Not to be a little raincloud or anything but it really is a tired approach. Fine artist + their child = a show you go to for the wine and cheese and shamelessly assure yourself you won’t be buying anything.

  7. Timon of Athens says:

    Sorry to be a massive cynic, but I highly doubt a 4 year old drew those bodies. The motor skills are too precise, and the bodies and heads are too perfectly aligned. They could be based on the drawings of a 4 year old, but no 4 year old I know would be able to do that. And I work with 4 year olds. 31 of them.

    1. Kt says:

      I think a 4 year old definitely could draw this. All kids are different and if you start them early and stick with it then their skills definitely could develop at a faster then average pace.

    2. LAWL says:

      common, the bodies and heads are too perfectly aligned? how hard is it to draw two lines from the base of a head to form a neck. all kids progress at different paces, L-O-L at you. 31 kids is a speck of sand compared to the number of 4 year olds inthe world. if you think you know them all because of the 31 you work with you gotta open YO EYEZ TO TEH VAST DIVERSITY OF LYFE MAMA

    3. wet blanket says:

      Actually, kids do develop at different rates. I was drawing complete faces at the age of 12 months that developmentally, I shouldn’t have been able to draw until I was about five. Kids are only supposed to ‘scribble’ until about 18 months, then investigate circles, etc… every kid is different. This child isn’t a prodigy, but it’s entirely possible for her to have drawn these simple body shapes.

    4. Leesa says:

      My almost 4 year old can certainly draw bodies like that. In fact he painted each of his grandparents a picture of his family for Christmas last year – 4 people with ‘perfectly aligned’ stick figure bodies and heads, and smiling happy faces (and he had only just turned 3 then). I know plenty of 4 year olds that could draw like that – and I also work with them everyday. Perhaps instead of being cynical of your 31 4yr olds abilities, you should be nurturing their talent and creativity…

    5. Resident Expert on 4 Year Olds, PhD. says:

      I agree, this looks shopped. I can tell from some of the line-work and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

      1. Mmmhmm. says:

        Oh please. What’s your PhD even in? Her hands, legs, feet, suns, and flower petals look very similar to things I’d draw around that age. We’ve all seen multitudes of heavily photos hopped things these days. The only improvement I see is anything brought about by very clever shading.

    6. yolandi crous says:

      I also teach 4-5 year olds and what I first noted was that the little one isn’t even holding the pen correctly…
      I also struggle to believe that the bodies were drawn by the little one with no help or guidance…

      Cute idea though…

  8. Marshfox says:

    Interesting concept, but not really to my taste. Congrats to the mom for bringing her child into her work tho’.

    1. Waist of Thyme says:

      Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

      1. Nethero says:

        Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

  9. AntiPlagiarism says:

    So uh… does the mother have the rights to copy the faces straight off another artist’s photographs and to sell them?

    1. Rick says:

      Copyright doesn’t last forever and eventually a picture or published photograph becomes public property.

      But even if someone does claim copyright on an image there are still more arguments against, such as how much of the image has been changed (In this case it was drawn on a separate piece of paper by hand) or the way it had previously been published.

      Also, it’d be pointless to sue anyone about this because the cost for a lawyer and small claims court could outweigh the amount the artist has earned from selling the artworks.

      Intellectual Property is a strange world.

    2. ugg says:

      So long as it is reinterpreted in a new way, then yes, you can do that. It can be as simple as reversing the image, while still leaving everything else exactly the same. It is considered a new product/piece when adjustments are made.

    3. DanielD says:

      Where does it say anything about selling them? She’s just drawing them in a sketchbook, then posting them online free of charge.

    4. KB says:

      Clearly you know zip about copyright laws. Her drawing would have match the photo within a 20% window to be considered at risk of any violation at all.

  10. Rick says:

    This is a wonderfully clever idea! I wonder how the pictures would look like if they switched places?

    Major kudos to the people defending the artwork! And also to the people who may not have liked this but didn’t feel like they had to post a negative comment, people talk of free speech but words can hurt!

    Aim to make smiles for people, and you’ll feel better for it :)

  11. Rachel says:

    These are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! So imaginative and whimsical. And beyond that, regardless of what they look like, what a wonderful way for mom & child to bond. I’m sure these will be precious to them for a long time. =)

  12. Golflin Gortenats says:

    The “mother” is making money off of copyright violations, and this is absolute garbage anyway. Disgraceful.

  13. HeatherMarie says:

    Doesn’t anyone else see that these weren’t done by four year olds? Just look at the slug. They are all adult attempts at being a child, some getting closer but still

    1. Rick says:

      I don’t see it, but I did see the link to another article with a picture of her daughter drawing on the artwork. It also says

      “She would then pick up a pen with great focus, and begin to draw. Later, I would add color and highlights, texture and painting, to make a complete piece. Sometimes she filled in the solid areas with colored markers, but I would always finish with acrylics later on my own.”

      Did you spot what part is pen and what is paint?

  14. HeatherMarie says:

    I mean, the slug has thatching in its body, in all my years of teaching I’ve never seen a four year old even come close to thatching, which is a common theme in almost all of these. This is bullshit

    1. Rick says:

      The slug has thatching because THE ARTIST finishes off the drawings. Unless you honestly thought the artist only sketched the head and coloured it in, of COURSE a bit of extra shading and stuff would be put in.

      But you’re missing the point here, it’s a collaboration artwork between a mother and her daughter, and while her daughter may only draw the body and some extra scenery, the input allows her mother a boundary in which to complete the artwork.

  15. artmommy says:

    I hope the people posting negative comments don’t bring you down or worse; have you stop doing this. I’m sure this has created a special connection between you and your daughter which is way more important than the art itself. I love everything about this and you have inspired me.

  16. elationt says:

    is it just me, or is the drawing of the red spotted lady amidst the leaves (the picture 3rd from the bottom) just so amazingly rich in innuendo?

  17. Liz at Human Nature says:

    I love this as a concept. It makes me smile. It’s the fact that this child’s art gets to be taken seriously – it’s being treated by her mom as being on the same level as her own work (and why shouldn’t it be?) That will have far reaching impact on that child’s confidence and life. I wish my own creativity had been nurtured like this as a child, and taken as seriously.

  18. andy ng says:

    Sometimes, kids imagination is one of the most creative idea you can get from. You give them sometime to do, they will come out with something unique and special that you never think of. Totally love this 4 year old kid imagination. (Y). If this mum would continue to do some illustration and let her child continue and finish it. The child is going to be a very creative person in the near future. Maybe this mum should publish a book, perhaps something like ” the mum and child imagination” or “look at what my child create!”. Totally love this!

  19. TWE says:

    Love this! Not only are they really interesting and cool to look at, that little girl will cherish those forever – and I love it when kids turn things that they parents say around on them. :P Kudos!!!

  20. tastewitness says:

    I have to say that I loved the drawings. Very original to my eyes. I am however concerned about the comments. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion here. If someone doesn’t like the drawings, they should be able to express it without getting a hate message back such as: “go kill yourself” just because they said that they saw something like it before. It is good criticism for the artist. Stop defending the artwork by fighting against the freedom of taste. To the artist, great work! Keep it up!

    1. Rick says:

      ‘Good Criticism’ was the key word there, but some feel the need they just HAVE to post a negative comment and stick it to their idea of Freedom of Speech. Saying you didn’t like the work, or that it’s stupid, doesn’t really help the artist in any way, in fact, it would demotivate them which is possibly one of the worst things you could do to an artist.

      If there’s something you feel you have to say about it, say it in a way that would help the artist, because as much as disliking something is your opinion, it is of no positive help and needs not be shared.

      I must agree that the backlash to such comments is just as bad if not worse at times, and that’s a second issue. Especially telling someone to kill themselves because that’s a VERY serious issue and should NOT be joked about, if you can’t correct someone’s unhelpful response with a civilised, don’t respond with hate or anger, you’ll only be poking the fire.

      Glad you’re supporting the artist :)

  21. Sadie says:

    Reading some of the nasty comments makes me realize why I hate the Internet… but on a positive note, I totes thought these drawings were fabulous!

  22. Jason Green says:

    Oh dear..some of these comments sounds like they were written by four year olds. Can’t we just appreciate this wonderful art collaboration for what it is.

    It may not be up there with Da Vinci or Michaelangelo, but actually, I can appreciate different forms of artistic expression.

    And for those who are commenting ‘yawn’ or other such banal and may I say *childish* comments, or allowing this thread to be hijacked by naysayers, then your mummy should have told you: If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Now go back to your rooms children and think about what you’ve done.

    Back to the topic: certainly it gets five stars from me. (And that is from someone who can draw quite well.)

  23. jors says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many negative comments this article got, really unnecessary. I’ve never seen this done before myself.

  24. Jeanette says:

    Very nice, more so because she shared, and hope as kid learns to draw more she doesn’t lose that childlike innocence.

  25. Kynthia Alice Rosgeal says:

    <3 <3 <3 anything a parent and child can do together is important for both. And the results are stunning. What a fortunate little girl, encouraged by her mother like this. This is the kind of thing that tears of joy are made of…:)

  26. Amanda says:

    I love this! Some of the pictures really turned out amazing. I can’t say I loved every single picture, but there were a couple I thought worthy enough to be sold and hung as unique pieces of art. Or in other words, I think I could hang a few of them up, and most would simply assume it were one artist with a simply interesting perspective..

  27. AndRear says:

    You are a good mom. Your willingness to share even the one thing that was yours has created a wonderful gift for you and for others. Good for you and for your precious girl.

  28. Alex Hardiment says:

    Reminds me very much of the sort of thing that would come from Terry Gilliam when he was with Python, fantastically weird, I love it.

    1. Ben Stuart says:

      These are great, reminds me what I used to do with my sister when she was a lot younger! Also, that was exactly what I was thinking, these remind me of the Phython style animation drawings :)

  29. she says:

    I’m an artist. I don’t like them. They’re creepy…and yeah just don’t like them. Honestly just because I’m not salivating over a puny girl’s added drawings doesn’t mean I shall be lynched by your ‘oh how sweet’ mob.

    I’m sorry, but I would not be nice to a child just because she’s a child. Sharing? Thanks, but you didn’t pay for the bed you’re sleeping that you’re clearly not going to share with anyone any time soon or those shoes or socks or shirt. Let me take that all the way…Oh yeah and the bedroom you sleep in. Go out into the streets. It’s free.

    There’s imagination and day dreaming and there’s the horrible generation I’m looking at that don’t see reality and treat people like scums. Sorry, but a child should learn early that being cute and using ‘nice’ marks doesn’t get by in the whole world.

    -SHE (yes, those are my initials)

      1. cheeseman says:

        Your comment is far sadder than theirs. At least little rain cloud isn’t attacking or mocking anyone just expressing an opinion.

    1. steve says:

      Amazing how many people can pull negative stuff out of such a fun collaborative artistic effort. I’d suggest that you might want to do some self examination or up your meds if that is REALLY your go to attitude seeing something like this.
      If you are just being a douche…well then there is no cure for a desire to have people pay attention to you.

      PS- I am a working artist as well and have been for a long time, as if that MEANS anything.

  30. D says:

    I am more intrigued by how in most (if not all) of the pictures the little girl defaults to putting animal bodies on the people. Fascinating.

  31. Observer says:

    The art is amazing, I love the abstract concept, the colours and the collaboration of the a (relatively) free thinking mind along with a mind altered by world concepts.

  32. LittlePinkFlowers says:

    Reminds me of the old surrealist game “Exquisite Corpse” – very fun! If I was wealthy I would buy at least 2, but I am poor (what with my degree in art and all) so I will buy none.

  33. Megan says:

    Hmm. I might start a tally to find the ratio between 22words posts that don’t have a retarded comment argument in it and ones that do.

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