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In case you haven’t seen “Paperman,” the new animated short from Disney, yet

Jan 31, 2013 By Abraham

A little bit of fanciful romance to make you feel all warm and fuzzy…


  1. juju says:

    Why are Disney women so freakin’ skinny! She’s got a seventeen inch waist. From the moment we start interacting with media, women are force fed unattainable body images. C’mon Disney you can do better.

    1. KristenS says:

      She wouldn’t actually have any room for, you know, vital organs. But hey, vital organs are for fat girls right? /sarc/

    1. Andrew says:

      I probably will get accused of having no soul, but I personally found it incredibly unimaginative. I find that most of Disney’s stories and characters are cut from the same mold, just in a different setting.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I liked it, would have liked it better if the plane with the kiss on it had fluttered into her when she was below the building or something, it would have been somewhat more realistic than her suddenly being across town and all of these papers suddenly coming to life. Destiny is one thing, inanimate objects coming to life is another.

  3. Nicole says:

    I think the comments that scoff at how unrealistic a *DISNEY* movie or short was is pretty fun. When did we all grow up expect Disney to as well?

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