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In memory of his wife, young widower re-enacts wedding photos with his 3-year-old daughter [12 pics]

Dec 17, 2013 By Abraham 6

In 2011, Ben Nunery lost his 31-year-old wife Ali to lung cancer. They had a 1-year-old daughter.

Recently, Ben decided it was time to move out of the house that he and Ali had bought the day before their wedding five years ago. Because the house had been newly theirs on their wedding day and they were, of course, very excited about it, they had their wedding pictures taken there.

Fast forward through several short years of grief and loss and it is time to leave that house behind. But Ben wanted to do one last thing to save and savor the memories in that home, so he worked with the same photographer — Ali’s sister — and took another series of photos in the empty house, this time with his now-3-year-old daughter as his new partner in the pictures.

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 08

He writes

This is a story about love.  The pain is nothing compared to the love that I feel for Ali and Olivia and that’s the story I want these pictures to tell to Olivia in the years to come and to anyone else that sees them.

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 01

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 02

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 03

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 05

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 06

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 07

Recreating Wedding Photos With Daughter - 04

Read more of the story from Ben and see the rest of the photo series.

(via Today, @JeffersonBethke)


  1. Jacille says:

    I’m bawling! This is so sweet and has made me cuddle up with my 3 year old. That little girl with treasure this photos one day. :)

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