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Insane results of drawing self-portraits while on different drugs [15 pictures]

Oct 2, 2012 By Abraham

In a series of self-portraits as fascinating as it is depressing, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders experimented with a ton of different drugs and then drew himself while under their influence…


Kine Bud Marijuana

G-13 Marijuana

 (20 mg)


Nicotine Gum
 (2 mg, 2 months after quitting cigarettes)

Nitrous Oxide

Cough Syrup (2 bottles)

Cocaine (.5 grams)

Crystal Meth

Gasoline (Huffing)


Lighter Fluid (Huffing)



Bath Salts

For better or worse, there are a lot more at Saunders’ site.

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(via Cultso)


  1. colby arrowood says:

    very nice. i can kinda get a “feel” of what your doing from things i’ve tried and some only heard of. well done.

  2. De says:

    Gotta say, my favorite one is the Mushrooms. I know that’s probably how my selfportrait would have looked too, if I had drawn myself when I was tripping. And if I had any artistic talent whatsoever.

  3. Lauren says:

    That’s a shame. He’s a great artist, but you don’t need to bust yourself up with drugs to do good art.

    1. Jessie says:

      no, you dont… but he was willing to alter his perception of the wold to better understand his own consciousnesses and from that learn something about himself and his artwork… you may think its a shame, and thats your opinion, but if he hasnt hurt anyone whats the problem? he has the right to experiment with his talents and life, and so do you and i. :)

      go to his webpage, maybe learn about him or drugs before you say its a shame.

      1. Donkey says:

        blech. no.
        i don’t care if he does drugs or not or it sparks his creativity, but this ‘experiment’ is basically BS, as he obviously did this to show difference sin the drugs. but by knowing this goal going in it already taints the output.

        lame, shock value ‘art’…..

    1. tonicclonic says:

      And computer duster. The picture on his website looks like it was drawn by someone just learning to use a pen.

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