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Insanely using a ladder to photograph a rockclimber [3 pictures]

Oct 23, 2012 By Abraham 4

Adventure photographer Corey Rich capturing footage of Alex Honnold for the film Why

(via PetaPixel, Resource Mag, F-Stoppers)


  1. JK says:

    How about the insane guy climbing the rock with no ropes?!!

    I know the picture doesn’t show how high up they are, but if the photographer is taking the picture from above, I’m guessing there’s a few hundred feet of scenery below.

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t really see what’s insane about this. It looks like the photographer is secured just fine.

    Insane was the guy I saw on El Capitan a few years back on like the 15th pitch taking a shower, naked as the day he was born…

  3. Wonder says:

    This leaves me to wonder is the photographer who is taking the picture of the man taking the picture of the rock climber fastened to the wall like that?

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