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Have You Heard of the Internet of Things? You’re About To and It’ll Change Your Life

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Many of you are quite familiar with “The Internet of Things,” others have heard the term here and there but haven’t thought about it much, and then a few of you are hearing about it for the first time right now. It doesn’t really matter which group you’re in, the internet of things is going to change your life.

Internet of Things

What Is It?

The internet of things, despite it’s almost amusingly simplistic name, is the vast and extraordinarily complex connection between all computing devices. And we’re not just talking obvious computing devices like computers and phones, but also machines we don’t currently think of as having a wifi connection at all — devices like your washing machine, your thermostat, or the red light you’re sitting at.

Researchers estimate that by 2020, 26 billion devices will be a part of the internet of things. As this extreme level of connection becomes the norm and all our devices begin communicating with each other, new and incredible levels of automation will become possible in nearly every field.

But Why?

The Internet of Things seems as ominous as it does innovative, so it’s important to think through what exactly this will do for us and whether it’s worthwhile. Through The Mobile Movement, AT&T aims to do just that. As one of the innovating companies in the progress of mobile technologies, they want to spread the word about the Internet of Things as well as ask the right questions about it, and that’s the goal of their new web series.

In the first episode, they look at how this vast mobile network will transform everything from our homes to entire cities…and then world.

Is this a good thing? They obviously think so, but you can watch and see for yourself…

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