It's So Cold in Florida That Lizards Are Falling From the Sky | 22 Words

It’s So Cold in Florida That Lizards Are Falling From the Sky

By Robin Zlotnick

We're only a few days into 2018, and the apocalypse has already begun. Much of the country is currently experiencing temperatures that are way below normal for this time of year. Oh yeah, and the entire east coast is being slammed with a winter storm of such epic proportions it's actually called a "bomb cyclone." Yes, that it the official weather term for what's happening right now. The Northeast especially has seen feet of snow and ice accompanied by swirling, violent winds — not so much a winter wonderland as a winter nightmare land. Even Florida and other places in the south are seeing rare snowfall and record-low temperatures. The extreme cold is doing much more than surprising the human residents of these areas — it's shocking the whole ecosystem, so much so that iguanas have started freezing and falling out of the sky (well, out of the trees they hang out in). It's pretty sad and surprising, but it's also a little funny. (Don't worry, they are not dead. Just frozen.)


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