Would you wear jewelry made out of disembodied pieces of Barbie dolls?

Apr 29, 2013 By Abraham 54

From designer Margaux Lange

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    1. E says:

      yup, this really creeped me out! I would probably think twice about going out with someone wearing this jewelry!

      1. Jake says:

        its not real bodies you lunatics. dolls are made of plastic!!!! WTF. i hope you people aren’t in control of anything important.

        1. Alyssa says:

          Wow, really? No, I thought these were real little people. Oh my god, thank you for pointing that out! I nearly called the FBI or police. I mean how many little people would have been missing if they were REAL body parts?

          …and you hope THEY aren’t in control of anything important, Jake? I think you are a few fries short of a happy meal, you read me?

          1. Odile says:

            My god Alyssa, I don’t speak fluently and I understood Jake’s point! Didn’t you or do you play stupid on purpose?
            I’m glad to discover this artist and as soon as I see on the web, she lives from her art, which is admired and sold in the whole world. In Paris, freaky is beautiful, nobody wants to be like the next, and her jewels are one of a kind!
            It’s not cheap but I will purchase a piece ASAP, it’s a really wonderful work … I can’t believe people lost their time to leave bad comments, don’t you have a life ?

      1. Judy says:

        Very disturbing!! I think there are a lot of little girls out there crying because their barbies are missing.
        I would not wear these for anything. and you who are dissing the ones who do not like them, ??? What is your problem? Are you a sheeple who can’t understand anyone having any other opinion than yours? I’ll bet I know who you voted for.

    1. Pspaughtamus says:

      I don’t watch Dexter, but the necklace of the left ears had me, also, thinking of Daryl. It makes me wonder where are the right ones?

      I also thought of the DEHTA rep quest in the Borean Tundra in World of Warcraft.

  1. Mary says:

    They’re creepy. The ones with the couple’s kissing aren’t too terrible but the rest… well most of them look like training for a young serial killer.

    1. Major Cornwallace says:

      I agree–this stuff is awesome. It’s amusing that people “get the fear” from them, too.

    2. nyldy says:

      definitely! I especially like the mixing of skin tones, and the interracial one is more progressive and heartwarming to me :)

  2. anoynamous says:

    It’s weird, but I really like these. They’re creative and fun (and remind me of something Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place would wear/make)

  3. Jerry Stauffer says:

    I’m not sure whether to be creeped out or impressed at the cutting skill of the artist. Have you ever tried to cut plastic? It’s hard, and those cuts are very precise-and look like a cannibals art gallery. I’m going with creeped out.

  4. Heidi Berry says:

    I love these…great fun! But they are from “dismembered” Barbies. Not “disembodied”. Disembodied means “without a body”, like a ghost or spirit. Maybe Barbie has a spirit…but you couldn’t make jewellery out of it.

    1. Rutherford says:

      Actually, the pieces *are* disembodied. A hand, ear, eye, etc., separated from the body…”without a body”…is disembodied. The Barbie was dismembered, and the disembodied pieces used to make jewelry.

  5. Richie Von Schnoozledoozier says:

    Wow… This is just sick beyond belief. They do have meds for this type of behaviour. I highly recommend them.

  6. Emma says:

    Amazing!! They may seem a little creepy but they are simply brilliant. I would love to see what else this person has created.

  7. jim says:

    Nothing in this jewelry is nearly as creepy as the entire barbie image portrayed for little girls by the marketing forces for corporate profit.
    The jewelry is showing the meat shop mentality behind the barbie image, one that can cripple self-image and sustain a sick societal stereotyping of women as sex objects.
    Thank you for this art, peace

    1. Someone who researches before they open their mouth says:

      Do some research: Barbie does not possess the dimensions she has to portray some kind of idealistic, unattainable physical type or to make little girls feel badly about themselves. She is built that way so that, when fully dressed, she has closer to realistic proportions. A normal sized seam on doll clothing adds an incredible amount of bulk. To counteract this the clothing is made from thinner fabrics than human clothing and the doll is designed with much smaller proportions to compensate for the bulk created by the excess fabric.
      If you want to blame anyone for eating disorders brought on by toys blame the parents who don’t communicate with their kids.

    2. Hooray says:

      THANK YOU. I didn’t think I’d find a comment that actually considered the idea that these pieces might be creepy on purpose. Your thoughtful post is an oasis.

  8. barbie says:

    art challenges the conventional. Using an object of pop culture and an object used by children such as barbie dolls and challenging/ transforming their meaning may seem “creepy” to some. changing the context of idealism and what it means to be idealistic is interesting. instead of striving to be like an ideal of beauty (or a barbie doll) you adorn yourself with many. i also think the negative shapes created in between the parts of the metal and the plastic are self referential, being that they are star or heart shaped (something that you would find on a Barbie box). These pieces are aesthetically beautiful, they mirror and simultaneously challenge a western idea of adornment and beauty that children have grown up to accept.

  9. mrB says:

    like it or hate it – you will remember it and probably talk about it!
    the creative artist couldn’t ask for better than that.

  10. Loretta says:

    I own some of these cute pieces as I also collect Barbie dolls limited editions. This is not freaky or creepy or anything, it is just an expression of a very dedicated and professional artist! it is amazing!!
    The huge issue is that some people like to complain about anything and everything for the useless reason of calling the attention with meaningless comments or insults with not valid foundation, I have seen awful comments in all kind of blogs, postings, even blogs in science and anthropology or news about horrible catastrophes, Some people just don’t have the common sense to say something useful or at least nice. About these Barbie jewelry pieces I think they are awesome… thinking of growing my collection :)

  11. marija says:

    Weather you think they are awesome or disturbing, you cant doubt that its a unique and original idea, which is harder to do then one might think.
    I think we should appreciate this artists work and more so their mind.

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