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Jilted girlfriend turns bitter break-up into an exciting scavenger hunt

Jun 3, 2013 By Abraham

If this break-up note that was posted on Reddit a few days ago is real, then some ex-girlfriend out there is both very creative and very stupid. While the rest of us are reading about her childish antics and enjoying the deep satisfaction of a good revenge story, she might want to be locating a good lawyer…


  1. Chris says:

    I agree. Not stupid. No liability for removing someone’s belongings from your house. She didn’t destroy anything. Even if she did, the police would call it a domestic dispute and not do a thing about it. (Unless they live in a one horse town with a very bored police department.) It would be a civil matter with no lawyer needed.

  2. Zjivila says:

    Ouch! Can’t say I don’t like it tho, can’t say I haven’t done something similar ; )

  3. bvck says:

    People who do stuff like this need to grow up. Breaking or doing anything to someones property because of relationship stuff is immature grade school type of behavior. Girls will be like “yeah you go girl” but if the same thing happened the other way they would be all up in arms about it.

  4. Carol says:

    I absolutely agree, bvck. I’m pretty tired of the whole “it’s ok I’m a jilted lover” line of thought. We don’t know the story behind this…but luckily I don’t really give a rats azz either. Just glad my life isn’t all dramatic like that. I’m an adult now, yay!

  5. Tine says:

    I don’t know why people are going off young age because I’ve seen older women do much worse. When someone hurts you, young puppy love or old, irrational immature actions to appease anger & hurt is pretty normal. This girl digood, nothing was broken or set on fire so its pretty much the equivalent of his things left at HER house being thrown outside on the yard.

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