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Diehard Christians and Muslims aren’t so different.

Mar 9, 2011 By Abraham

(Note: “Just Some Antics” was a short-lived comic from 22 Words.)


  1. Gunny2862 says:

    Except the Fundamentalist Christian will let the God decide your fate on earth if you don’t join them; while the Radical Muslim will kill you here on Allah’s behalf and not wait for Judgement day.

    1. Nan says:

      Yeah, the IRA and the real IRA really let God decide your fate on earth if you happen to be protestant and British…

    2. Tink says:

      Apart from if you’re gay, or in any way involved with legal medical procedures like abortions. In that case they reserve the right to make your life hell on earth (or indulge in a bit of domestic terrorism)…Christianity’s hands are far from free of blood, historically (and I say that as a Christian myself).

  2. James says:

    An old rule is that you don’t talk about politics or religion… oh, you just broke the rule. This isn’t funny, however, it is offensive. If that’s what you were attempting, good job.

    1. Jason says:

      Good call.

      This crosses so many lines. Abraham, how can you endorse this kind of dishonest comparison which is so commonly made in the press. Yes, they are both fundamentalists (so are you by some definitions), but the difference is the holy book they follow.

      One is a culturally obtuse oddity with some subtly destructive patterns. The other has slaughtered tens of thousands over the last decade in the name of God.

      I know it’s culturally acceptable within Evangelicalism to bash Fundamentalists and I know it is often deserved, but this says far more about you than it does about the Fundamentalists.

      1. Anon says:

        “Christians” have slaughtered plenty of folks in the name of God. You people need to lossen up a bit.

        1. Nan says:

          Ahhhh… Some Roman catholics are extreme fundamentalists… But lets not allow your WASPish ways to get in the way of a definition

        2. Tink says:

          Well, I’m sure most Muslims would say the radicals don’t represent them any more than the Inquisition represents you. Doesn’t mean Christianity (even if it was misguided) wasn’t responsible for bloodshed historically.

    2. Red says:

      offensive? this? it is an awesome muslim, and an awesome fundamentalist, side by side.
      how is that offensive?

  3. Kevin says:

    I know this seems cool and funny and all, but this line of reason is seriously dangerous. I don’t like extreme fundamentalists either, but I’m not ready to equate them with terrorists. Of course, you could fly under the radar and chalk it all up to humor, but even that is a problem.

      1. Kevin says:

        No I’m not racist. The image is of a radical muslim which in our current context typically refers to those involved in terrorist activities or sympathetic to terrorist activities. Am I mistaken on this point? I could be.

      2. Zach Wartes says:

        I think a few people are not realizing that the title “Diehard Christians and Muslims aren’t so different” is just a setup for the joke, not commentary on the picture below.

        And if you take it that way, you’re probably terribly confused as to why a guitar and skateboard are even present.

          1. Tink says:

            The joke is that ‘radical’ and ‘extreme’ can often be words used in pop culture to describe things that are cool, hardcore, etc (hence representing them as rock stars and extreme skateboarders). The cartoon uses this imagery to cut them both down to size, symbolically equating the two as not being that different, and perhaps challenging us that someone who is Christian or Muslim can also be badass and doesn’t have to be a terrorist or killjoy forcing their religion to others. Or maybe it’s just wordplay.

            And actually, extreme fundamentalist Christians may equally perpetrate hate crime (against, say, the LGBT community) and even terrorism (such as killing abortion-providing doctors who are doing something perfectly legal). The fact that many Americans forget that there are quite a few domestic terrorist acts carried out by your own speaks volumes about how much easier it is to fear and demonise people from outside.

  4. Tom says:

    I didn’t think the comic was all that funny, but definitely not offensive. I did find the lack of common sense in the comments pretty funny though.

  5. QuizikL says:

    Abraham, I am shocked that you would post a cartoon glorifying skateboarding and electric guitars. Shame on you! And shame on the rest of you uptight ninnies who can’t lighten up and see the pun of it! Word images people! They’re as easy to pun as the words themselves. Laugh! Enjoy life! Soon enough we’ll be dead and find out who’s righteous.

  6. Moop says:

    I think the heading that’s been used to introduce the cartoon drastically changes the way the cartoon is first interpreted.

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