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Keyboard as a 3-D bar graph showing how frequently each letter is used

May 31, 2011 By Abraham

By Michael Knuepfel

Keyboard 3-D bar graph show frequency of letter usage

(via PSFK)

Based on this data from Wikipedia

Chart of letter frequency in English



  1. Chris says:

    So wheel of fortune should give you an H instead of an L for the final round’s automatic RSTLNE…

    1. Steve says:

      It’s been thoroughly debunked that a Dvorak keyboard is more efficient than a QWERTY keyboard. The speed increases Dvorak supporters point to are nothing more than a myth. If you can “stick with it for a couple of months” all you would have succeeded in doing is waste a couple of months learning something with no benefit over what you knew already.


  2. RaveN says:

    Yo no sé acerca de este ….
    Quiero decir … con más frecuencia que presione “ENTER ” …

  3. Lee says:

    Could someone please explain why most of the most frequently used letters are at the left-hand side of the keyboard? Was the person who developed the qwerty keyboard left-handed?

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