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Kid breaks cymbal during national anthem, reacts with awkward awesomeness

Jun 3, 2013 By Abraham

When in doubt, be a patriot…

(via Reddit)


  1. TimInNC says:

    Outstanding, young man! Amazing poise and quick thinking. Keep on like that and you will go extremely far in this world.

  2. Trey says:

    Seriously, I could watch this a million times. Simple awkward brilliance at its absolute finest.

    1. Debbie says:

      Made me tear up. I’m so glad that cymbal broke to give this young man an opportunity to show the world his patriotism.

      1. Oy says:

        Because playing the Star-Spangled Banner wasn’t enough?

        I don’t understand people who get all excited about patriotism. I just don’t.

          1. Josh says:


            How many times are you gonna comment bashing peoples praise for this kid. If you dont like it shut the hell up and go to another website. It’s quite simple type anything and I mean anything into that search bar and it takes you away from this site. Seriously, how long are you gonna stay trolling a story you apparently hate?

        1. Mike says:

          Oy: It’s painfully apparent that you have no clue as to how blessed you are. Pull your head out, and read a history book. Then think about your place in time, and in this great nation. There is quite a bit to be patriotic about, and people like you are the reason our government is able to step on the constitution without so much as a peep from people like you. Very sad.

          1. jc says:

            Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.
            – Arthur Schopenhauer

        2. Lazlo Freem says:

          Travel to another country, sir, and it will become crystal clear why we feel patriotism.

          1. Ribble says:

            Really? I’m sorry you believe that. I like the USA, my husband is American, but you guys are truly brainwashed from birth into thinking you’re better and “free” and it’s kind of scary. The kid’s reaction was cute and funny but I’m truly sorry if you think that the rest of the world is a 3rd world country with less freedoms than you have, in fact the USA has far fewer freedoms than Canada.

          2. Mel says:

            Actually I’m American and have been to three other countries (Canada, Turkey, and Israel), none of them made me feel patriotic. One of them made me want to get the hell out of the US permanently.

          3. hogwrassler says:

            Lazio Freem: Ever wonder why the USA receives so little respect? When you travel to other countries you Americans are so full of Bull..it and ignorance. I use ignorance in both senses of the word – rude and unknowing, and even worse, don’t care to know as you are so full of your own Bull..it.

            The video of the kid is cute, and I compliment the kid – very innovative, good thinker.

            Oh, and by the way, I am in a position to meet people from all over the world. I have taken up observing the apparent health of people by nationality: Brits carry themselves with spritely brightness; Europeans with a purposeful aim in their healthy step; Eastern Asians with focus, no frivolity and ‘outgoingness'; Canadians overweight, jolly, inquisitive; Americans loaded with scooters, walkers, canes, aches and pains and complaints from uber-obesity, and ATTITUDE that the world revolves about them, and they don’t care to learn about the rest of the world so they loudly and obnoxiously announce to the rest of us how great America is! Enough already! Arm your teachers with guns! Better still, give your children guns before they reach the age of five!

        3. FlagWorshipIsDangerous says:

          I TOTALLY agree.
          Such reactions and fervor remind me of the people in a European country in the 30’s..

          Scary shite.

          1. Keep your flag says:

            I’m with you. Overzealous patriotism is creepy. I’ve read many history books, and the patriotism bug most certainly did not bite me. I’m very grateful to have the privileges I have living in America, but my ancestors were black enslaved people, ethnic whites, and rapist slave masters, so no, I think I’ll pass on the fascist nationalist crap.

  3. Earnest Roberts says:

    Made my eyes tear up.. patriotism is in the heart of the children of the United States of America! Well done!

      1. James Spooner says:

        There is a world of difference between ignorant and stupid. Ignorance is by choice, and therefore inexcusable. There is no choice in stupidity. I know plenty of four and five year old children that could explain patriotism to you, but I doubt you would listen. An old song said it this way “There is none so blind as he who WILL not see.” A saying I learned in business school goes “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.
        Another piece of advice from an older man – before you repeat and stand on something someone told you, ask the question God asked of Adam and Eve, knowing the answer – “Who told you that!”

    1. hogwrassler says:

      Brainwashed blind patriotism is dangerous, engenders hate, makes Americans use words like gook, map, nigga, and engenders a tremendous lack of respect for the other 99.5 of us who occupy this planet (your 350 million divided by 7 billion for round figures of the rest of us). And by the way you have far fewer freedoms than many of us other nations.

  4. Stephen Penland says:

    Outstanding Son. “This is a TRUE AMERICAN”. Really would like to shake your hand son. Semper Fi job well done.

      1. Oy says:

        Uh. The President salutes the flag all the time. Do you really have that little of a life that you keep track of these things?

      1. Victoria says:

        As a naturalized citizen I can tell you exactly how I felt when I we stepped on this soil (legally, I may add), our families we left behind and what this flag means to us. It is unfortunate that it is missed on too many who had the dumb luck to be born here and never know what it’s like to commit treason to be free. There is plenty of ignorance to go around but a hell of it is not coming from US.

  5. BrotherPatriot says:

    I’m proud to know one of America’s children still understands what it means to be a Patriot. God Bless him & for helping to give some faith back to this Nation & this old Veteran. Hooyah!

    1. Oy says:

      You mean salute the flag to cover up the awkwardness of breaking your musical instrument?

      You people are jingoistic nuts.

      1. Josh says:


        How many times are you gonna comment bashing peoples praise for this kid. If you dont like it shut the hell up and go to another website. It’s quite simple type anything and I mean anything into google and it takes you away from this site.

  6. tralbry says:

    It’s sort of terrifying seeing the unthinking Pavlovian responses here. I don’t expect the kid to question much or know much about excess nationalism but the fact that these adults react reflexively tells us plenty. It explains why so many millions are so easily suckered into fake wars like Iraq.

    1. PlentyLiberal says:

      Cynical much? Yours is the kind of response that leads people to believe, incorrectly, that liberals (like me; I can’t speak for you) don’t love their country. Which I do — that’s why I want to keep it out of unnecessary wars. But it’s still OK to show one’s respect for and commitment to one’s nation; that doesn’t make someone a jingoist or war hawk, or “unthinking” or somehow brainlessly conditioned. I thought the kid’s response was just sweet.

      If you really find the benign comments here “sort of terrifying,” then you might consider psychotherapy, in my opinion.

        1. replying because you're stupid says:

          Go back to school and learn what Nihilist means. Hes a coward because he wrote something truthful and factual lol?!?! You and plenty liberal are absolutely idiotic…

        2. Troy Hand says:


          A word that nobody really knows what it actually means but is often used by pretentious book and film critics so that they can feel smug.
          To the people that are calling this Young Man a nihilistic. It would help if They knew the meaning of the word, before they start to running their gator’s… This Young Man showed a lot of Self Pride. I would also like to shake this Fellows hand. Job well done..
          Now back to those smug SOB’S that work so hard at being Pretentious. I would think that You Folks would say the same things about Your Own Children. God Bless The United States Of America!!!!! Troy Hand.

          1. marcus says:

            this Fellows hand. Job

            Sorry, this was the first thing I saw when I skimmed your post, and I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest, after seeing it was about handjobs.

    2. Paula says:

      That was kind of a silly reaction. He was horribly embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He’s just a scared teenager who covered for himself. He’s not in uniform. There’s no reason he had to salute. You don’t have to salute, you don’t have to put your hand on your chest. The only thing you do is stand and he was already doing that. Just stand there quietly looking chagrined and apologetic till the song is over. Yes, I think that was a knee-jerk reaction. So to speak.

      1. Kevin says:

        Wrong…. you should put your hand over your chest. You don’t have to, you have the right to be disrespectful.

        1. Montana Wildhack says:

          Erm, no. The correct posture during “The Star Spangled Banner” is simply to stand. Putting one’s hand over one’s heart is only supposed to be done for the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

  7. Chris Gonnella says:

    Why didn’t he just run over to the cymbals on the stands behind him? Still, good man, that chap!

    1. Hard Tymes says:

      That’s Exactly What I Was Thinking! But, Even So……He Did What He Could To Show Some Respect For The song & The Flag!
      Hell, Give The Young Man Some Credit For What He Did Anyways!! :)
      Hard Tymes ~~

  8. Bob says:

    Why aren’t we laughing at the girl’s reaction to him?

    Also, chill your balls off. This is funny.

  9. gt says:

    im glad to see that some parents still raise their children with respect for our flag and country!

  10. Ryan says:

    Guys… this has nothing to do with patriotism.
    He just didn’t know what to do…
    Just awkwardness, not patriotism.

  11. J says:

    This is an intelligent kid to have the sense to salute when the cymbal broke. His parents should be very proud of him and of themselves .

  12. kwalk says:

    Hats off to this young man for his reserve and quick thinking. And to those who just can’t find anything nice to say and continue to bash patriotism just remember you are free to leave the USA at any time. There are plenty of countries that you can go to and live with freedom or the security of the US Military and the freedoms it affords you.

    1. kwalk says:

      That should be WITHOUT freedom and the security of the US Military and the freedoms it protects for you.

      1. Wibble says:

        Er no, you were right first time; it’s hard to think of a country where the CIA aren’t meddling and the NSA aren’t spying.

  13. Kay says:

    I like how every time someone disagrees with the popular opinion on here they are considered a troll. If you think those people are trolls, you should probably get off the internet, as you don’t understand how it works. Kids are taught at an early age to feign patriotism by memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner. They don’t understand what it means, nor do they care; they just do it because they are told to. This kid experienced an awkward situation and instead of just standing there awkwardly, he did the first thing that seemed appropriate. I’m not bashing patriotism, I’m just saying that children don’t understand it, and neither do most Americans.

    1. Al says:

      Disagreement is one thing. Ridiculing those of us who think this was patriotic and are moved by it is quite another thing and is troll like. I think you don’t give this kid enough credit.

    2. Al says:

      Do you “feign patriotism”? Or, do you even recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner? Because, it really doesn’t sound like you understand what it means or care. My money is on kids understanding it more than you do.

    3. Debbie says:

      How do we know what this brilliant young man was thinking. His response was amazing. All you negative nellies out there should keep your opinions to yourselves. And it is okay to salute the flag if you are not in uniform. If you don’t have anything positive to say…don’t show your ignorance and keep your mouth shut. Maybe you should move to a country where there is no patriotism. Then you would know what true patriotism is. Shame on you all.

      1. cer says:

        “Maybe you should move to a country where there is no patriotism. Then you would know what true patriotism is.”
        I like this! It’s so true.

        (Living in Europe, I know that patriotism is not a precondition for a meaningful, responsible and fulfilled life.)

    4. Aimee says:

      Those kids look to me like middle schoolers. You’re not giving kids enough credit. Actually, I think quite the opposite is true. Kids have not already been jaded by society into thinking politically left or right, so are more open-minded about issues. I think this kid acted instinctively and appropriately.

  14. JML says:

    AWESOME! Most young men his age would have been more concerned about how they looked and laughed for the awkwardness but this young man stayed with the meaning of the song and did not break the performance. That is GREATNESS! You never know if you are destined for greatness until the moment calls for it. Great job young man! Great job!

  15. Montana Wildhack says:

    The *kid’s* reaction was kinda sweet, but all of you supposed adults resorting to knee-jerk “Love-it-or-leave-it” comments scare the bejeezus out of me. This country was founded on the principle of constantly questioning authority. How ironic that nowadays, anyone who doesn’t submit to mindless nationalism (for that is what you people are displaying — not patriotism) is told to eff off somewhere else.

  16. John says:

    Of all the things the kid could have done, at least he maintained some sense of composure and respect. He did not run, try to hide his embarrassment, or bring any distraction or attention to himself. Whether he saluted or put his hand over his heart, is not as important or relevant as understanding the honor or meaning by facing the flag and paying tribute to our National Anthem. This is not just a tradition shared before community or sports events, it is showing national pride and respect for what the colors mean. Young or old, naturalized or born here, as long as Old Glory waves, we are a free nation. Wherever the kid learned his manners, patriotism, citizenship, respect, whatever….kudos to both him and his teacher(s). Nice job.

    1. hogwrassler says:

      I would reword your phrase “as long as Old Glory waves, we are a free nation” to “as long as Old Glory waves, we are an imperialist nation”.

      I give the kid a high five, I really do!

  17. Lu says:

    First off, I think the kid reacted. Did his thing. He’s a kid, let’s not be too harsh on him. I thought it was a sort of a good, quick-thinking moment for him. He didn’t just stand there, he did something. Good for him.

    I like what John said above, 100%. “Of all the things the kid could have done, at least he maintained some sense of composure and respect. He did not run, try to hide his embarrassment, or bring any distraction or attention to himself…”

    The comments below the video are interesting to me. All of the responses, including what people have labeled as “trolls”. If someone disagrees with the popular sentiment, they seem to be told to “leave the country” or “stop trolling”. And to be fair to the popular sentiment, I thought some of the contrary opinions were a bit disrespectful.

    Patriotism is a weird thing. I live in the states. Love the freedoms I have. While it’s awesome to have, and I’m grateful to have it, many countries have freedom. This is from a fictional program, and yet the point is very relevant:

    Fact is, being a US citizen is a label. One of many labels we wear. I wrote this too, because I think it’s relevant for this conversation. Note, there are some swear words in it (and no, I’m not making any money on this):


    1. Vieve says:

      I agree. I like living in ‘Merica, but the fact is this isn’t the greatest country in the world. It was and can be again, but it won’t be if we keep ignoring the issues within our schools, medical system and government, we’re going to end up being the greatest third world country.

      1. Vieve says:

        The end of that was supposed to say “If we don’t recognize and fix those issues, we’re going to end up the greatest third world country.”

    2. hogwrassler says:

      I just watched your link:
      I exaggerate but I did not realize it was fictional until I came back to reply to you. It is superb!
      It eloquently summarizes what the rest of the world thinks about the Ugly American.
      I am amazed, there are so many absolutely wonderful Americans, how they can tolerate those of their brainwashed countrymen who give their country such a bad name.

  18. Jeweliette says:

    Dudes, the amount of total overreaction in these comments is alarming. He didn’t know what to do, so he did something respectful and that is awesome. This isn’t about America, it’s about the response of a young man with a good heart.

  19. LilOz says:

    I just think he felt he couldn’t just stand there doing nothing with everyone watching. I love that the girl playing the big bass drum tries so hard not to crack up until the end.

  20. JFC says:

    I think it’d be nice if we could all enjoy a funny, cute or interesting video without comments degenerating into a flamewar of subjects either loosely related to the subject at hand or not at all.

  21. David says:

    America F*** yeah! You americans are very entertaining, this video is mildly entertaining and kudos to the dude for his quick thinking but come on. All this talk of crying and patriotism is a bit of a stretch. This dude goes to school and swears allegiance to a flag and the concept of a country daily. Is he really old enough to know any different. For me he kept his cool and reacted in composed manner. well done.
    For all those celebrating nationalism/patriotism, please settle down, from the outside looking from another country I love the idea of your constitution and bill of rights etc, however the country you inhabit today is so far removed from those founding principles that it is laughable.

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