Kristen Bell Reveals the ‘Incredibly Toxic’ Fights That Almost Ended Her Relationship with Dax Shepard

risten Bell and Dax Shepard are #relationshipgoals like no other Hollywood couple. The actors are both hilarious, beautiful people who are over-the-moon in love with each other.

But the best thing about their relationship is that they're upfront about the struggles they've faced and the fact that marriage is hard work. Neither of them professes to be perfect, and while their love is definitely worthy of envy, it's not because it's always rainbows and butterflies in the Bell-Shepard household.

It's because they trust each other and care for each other enough to work out their issues when they arise. Kristen Bell recently appeared on Harry, where she got real about an old bad habit that Shepard wouldn't tolerate, and the way she talks about it is seriously mature.