Kylie Jenner's Fans Have a New Theory About Her Baby — and There's a Huge Twist | 22 Words

Kylie Jenner’s Fans Have a New Theory About Her Baby — and There’s a Huge Twist

By Abi Travis

The Kardashian family is a cultural phenomenon.

In 1,000 years (assuming the Earth still exists at that point), anthropologists are going to look at the media we consumed throughout the 21st century and wonder what the heck we were all thinking when it came to the Kardashians. Somehow, humanity has acknowledged the fact that we don't really care at all about them and yet are simultaneously low-key obsessed with everything they do.

Case in point is the fact that you clicked on this article to read it. You don't actually care about Kylie Jenner's as-yet-unconfirmed pregnancy, do you? And yet, here you are.

Like we said, they're a cultural phenomenon.

Now, onto the latest on Kylie's as-yet-unconfirmed pregnancy. People are pretty sure they've solved the mystery...and there's a huge twist.


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