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Lady keeps demon-possessed toaster for the only conceivable good reason

Nov 12, 2012 By Abraham

In this 1984 clip from The Today Show we meet a woman whose toaster houses Satan himself. After showing it to her interviewer, he asks why she keeps it if the devil lives in it, and her answer is just good, old-fashioned common sense…

(via Gawker)


  1. Commenter says:


    Toaster shoots up flames after putting a piece of bread in.
    Richard: “Why are you keeping this toaster?”
    Lady: “Well, Richard, when all is said and done, it makes good toast.”


  2. Anta Sontos says:

    I’d check the broadcast date, I suspect it is April 1, 1984. SOMEONE here is trying to pull a fast one, and I can’t tell if NBC is dupe or willing accomplice.

  3. Cheesus Riced says:

    After 46 years, having met every type of believer in imaginary friends, I’m confident this couple believes they need an appliance exorcist. Who would have thought that 29 years later, the only 3 things the U.S. would continue to lead the world in would be number of incarcerated citizens, amount spent on “defense”, and number of grown adults who think angels & demons are real.

  4. Skeptical Christian says:

    Obviously a pre-reality TV fabricated tale. Key moment? Watch just after the lady gets the bread to go down into the toaster… she takes her hands off and the toaster moves. Why? Well, either it is possessed by the devil or (my vote) the off-screen dude filming is plugging the toaster in. As soon as he does so the flames shoot out. Likely alcohol-soaked tissue or something close to that was hidden inside. Still funny, but all evidence points to out and out fabrication.

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