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Here Are the Last Known Photographs of These 49 Famous People

Jun 11, 2013 By Abraham

Here is a sobering and fascinating collection of photos that are believed to be the last pictures snapped of these celebrities before they died…

Freddie Mercury

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Freddie Mercury

Amy Winehouse

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Amy Winehouse

Abraham Lincoln

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Abraham Lincoln

Adolph Hitler

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Adolf Hitler

Albert Einstein

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Albert Einstein

Amelia Earhart

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Amelia Earhart

Andy Kaufman

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Andy Kaufman

Anne Frank

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Anne Frank

Babe Ruth

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Babe Ruth

Biggie Smalls

Last Known Photos of Famous People - Biggie Smalls


  1. Trisha says:

    These are so sad. :-( Some of these people are very much missed, for one reason or another. Others, not so much.

      1. Paula says:

        Because seeing a photo of a decent person brings up all the good stuff about that person. I’m sorry I had to clarify, lame-brain.

        1. Flint says:

          I don’t think that’s what xploder meant. I think it was more of a question of why Jobs, I can understand that, MLKJ, Gandhi, Anne Frank, and Lincoln are also on this list and forgive me for saying that they may have done as much or more for society as Steve Jobs. Not do downplay Jobs, he was a great guy who changed the world, but so were the others.

        2. Fruto says:

          But, Steve wasn’t a decent guy. There is a ton of evidence that he was a megalomaniac a-hole to his employees and everybody around him.

          No denying his brilliance and vision, but a ‘decent guy’? It certainly didn’t seem like it based on his behaviour.

        3. PhilA says:

          Of all of the people on the list, Steve Jobs was the least “decent” that I can imagine – he was brilliant at coming up with innovations (some worked, some didn’t), but that certainly does not make him decent by any stretch of the imagination

          If you read anything about him, he was an ass to his employees, had tons of vitriol for his competition, believing that Apple could steal from others, but when others took his idea FAR further than he could, he took them to court…

          From the DECENT people on the list, John Lennon, MLK, Princess Diana, Ghandi, and others make Jobs look like a complete dick, so, just because you have an iPhone, don’t think that Jobs is a great person!

          1. ariadne says:

            YES. THIS.

            Not only did he treat his employees like dirt, but read about how he treated his daughter, Lisa. He denied his paternity for years and became wealthy while his daughter and her mother lived on welfare.

          2. Auramac says:

            Steve Jobs wasn’t perfect. But you really, really dumb and crass useless life forms are nitpicking faults and mistakes when you clearly know very little about who he really was and how much he contributed and is loved. Sickening.

          3. Jay says:


            In his defense, he said that his handling of that situation was one of the biggest regrets of his life.

          4. Tim M. says:

            We actually do know what he contributed, but that didn’t make him a good human being. And everything that I have read says that he wasn’t a good human being. Fawning over Jobs because he helped make the iPhone is not “love”; it’s misplaced love.

          5. Lani says:

            Fruto and PhilA state that Steve Jobs was the “least decent” among all those on the list. Either they have forgotten what they learned in history classes or . . . . . .

            I guess that by making the above statement, you consider Hitler as being decent.

            I am not Jewish or any other race or religion that were victims of Hitler’s “decent” acts. In fact, I am of German decent – both Grandfathers. I’ll take Steve Jobs any day over Hitler.

  2. Jason says:

    Some of these look like they were shot moments before they died. Like the one of Princess Diana and Robert Kennedy…

    1. lynn says:

      that was spooky. I have never seen that photo.
      was the man with Gandhi his killer as well?? Some of the people in the background look shocked and upset.

    2. Jim says:

      The Lennon one is not the last photo, but was shot in a batch of 6 or as Lennon signed Chapman’s album, then got into a Limo with Yoko Ono several hours before the shooting. It is, far and away, the creepiest, though.

  3. Michelle says:

    Way too many of these people died from overdoses. Between those and the assassinations/murders, it makes you realize how lucky and blessed the ones who were able to live a nice long life truly were.

  4. mcg says:

    Some of these are downright spooky, but others look like just paparazzi photos without a clear suggestion they are the last taken. I wonder what the evidence is.

  5. Cher says:

    I found George Harrison’s very touching because there was no distance at all between him and the photographer; no artifice, just sadness and acceptance.

  6. AZsucks says:

    A Z:

    You’re insane, A Z. A pure Gulag executioner. One 70% of all Americans view as a nice guy? A guy who won almost every state? Too bad fascists like you exist.

  7. George Vreeland Hill says:

    The photo of Martin Luther King is not his last photo.
    There are photos of him standing on a balcony just before he was shot.

    George Vreeland Hill

  8. anne melee says:

    Steve Jobs. Obviously, some people listen to vicious gossip instead of anything factual. I admired him. Everyone is a jerk sometimes.

  9. Carl Atteniese Jr. says:

    I feel the inclusion of the pictures of John Lennon and Senator Robert F. Kennedy was in extremely poor taste. Other ones could have been chosen–despite the slight measure of inaccuracy that would caused in relation to the premise of the project.

    In the case of the picture of John Lennon, his killer is featured, and in the case of the picture of RFK, the circumstances are infinitely tragic, sad, and grotesque.

    Had your editors a picture of John Bonham choking, would you have published it as qualifying under the premise of your project?

    For shame.

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