Last meals of death row inmates offer unique insight into Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and 10 others

By Joey


When photographer Henry Hargreaves came across a list of final meals requested by convicts on death row, he realized that he suddenly saw them as more human than he had before. Rather than simply an evil prisoner deserving of the worst punishment available, they were a person who liked the same foods he did, or perhaps foods he didn’t. It took away some of the coldness of the person.

In a series called No Seconds, Hargreaves recreated each meal and photographed it alongside the name and description of each inmate and an overview of their last meal. The reason each chose their meal is fascinating, from Victor Feguer, who hoped an olive tree would grow as a lasting symbol of peace from his last meal of an olive with an olive pit, to John Wayne Gacy, who had managed three KFCs prior to his conviction and asked for a bucket of original recipe KFC…

Death Row Meals 01

Death Row Meals 02

Death Row Meals 03

Death Row Meals 04

Death Row Meals 05

Death Row Meals 06

Death Row Meals 07

Death Row Meals 08

Death Row Meals 09

Death Row Meals 10

Death Row Meals 11

Death Row Meals 12

(via Visual News)