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Lesbian presents herself at church to be stoned

Mar 24, 2014 By Abraham

Atlah World Missionary Church has made headlines a time or two with the ridiculous, attention-whoring messages they write on their marquee. They seem to have started out with an anti-Obama agenda…

Antigay Church - 02

Then they blended their antipathy toward Obama with their extreme homophobia in this bizarre display…

Antigay Church - 03

And finally, in their latest gimmick, they went full-on antigay, claiming that the best response to homosexuality is a good, old-fashioned stoning. You know, like Jesus would do…

Antigay Church - 04

Perhaps recognizing the riskiness of saying outright that people should still be stoned, they modified their sign to be only infinitesimally less offensive…

Antigay Church - 01

It was when this latest version of the sign was posted that local lesbian Jennifer Louise Lopez decided to address them in person. And what better way to do so than to simply take them up on their offer…


  1. Paula says:

    Has anybody actually visited this church to see how big it is?–I’d like to know if this is one guy with a sign, and a flair for self-promotion, or 1000 people.

    1. KristenS says:

      It’s usually just a handful of people who make the other 95% of Christians look bad. Like the infamous Westboro Baptist church is only about 40 members. But the *ssholes get publicity because the media are suckers for drama and scandal, and because most of the media will jump at the chance to make Christianity look bad anyway.

      1. Marci says:

        The media doesn’t jump at the chance to make Christianity look bad. Radical Christians make THEMSELVES look bad. I dare you to find any other religion that will post signs like this in front of their place of worship.

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