Letter from Mitch Hedberg to Uniball seeking sponsorship

September 28, 2011 | By Abraham | 14 comments

This is spectacular. I feel like I can actually hear him saying the top paragraph on the last page…

Update: I believe these are the pens Mr. Hedberg was so enamored with.

(via Letters of Note)

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  1. Ki says:

    I am a huge Mitch Hedberg fan! And this sounds like something he would have done.

    But it makes me wonder the authenticity of it when the you can see the date 9/18/2000 through the paper on the 2nd page but its not on the first page.

    Everything else matches up
    So you’ve gotta admit that’s weird.

    1. Satah says:

      If you look close on the first page, you can see where the date has been blurred out for some reason. Not sure why, but the yellow of the page has definitely been manipulated.

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