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Hear this drunk man’s prayer

Jul 9, 2010 By Abraham

Listen to my brother Karsten read “Praying Drunk” by poet Andrew Hudgins.

This is from Karsten’s new blog A Poetry Feed, where he posts audio of poems that are meant to be heard as much as seen, “because a poem aloud is the rest of the poem on the page.”

I highly recommend following it…

Now, back to “Praying Drunk”…

Here are some of my favorite lines:

  • Our Father who art in heaven, I am drunk.
  • When I was twelve, I’d ride my bike
    out to the dump and shoot the rats. It’s hard
    to kill your rats, our Father…
  • Forgive me. This is my favorite sin: despair—
    whose love I celebrate with wine and prayer.
  • Our Father, thank you for all the birds and trees,
    that nature stuff.

There are more, but just go listen to the whole thing.