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Little Boy’s Hilarious Conversation with Himself While Sitting on the Toilet

Oct 10, 2013 By Abraham

A 3-year-old ponders the consequences of his dietary decisions while going to the bathroom…


    1. lauren says:

      Really Nicole!! I am not one to start internet arguments, but he is 3, and talking to himself in the bathroom. It is a cute video and sweet really to think of a 3 year old doing this. I cracked up as the mom of a 5 year old and there have been times my son has said close to the same things. you say eating too much crap. That is what is wrong with the world today. No one can watch a simple video online without being judgmental and not enjoying it for what it is… entertainment! If you are just going to judge the person there is no reason for you to watch it.

      1. deborah says:

        I agree completely-I think the child learned his lesson about eating too much at a very young age which shows how smart he is also-I loved the video it made me laugh and we don’t do enough of that now. Great stuff – thanks for sharing. Lighten up Nicole-what is up with you.

      2. Cath says:

        Ah well, she’s just saying. And I think the little fellow realise that too. Haha…
        He is so funny. But wise! He judges his eating habits and decided not to eat too much.
        Hahaha… I wonder if he’s just thinking through what he ate or was he also at the same time observing what’s entering the toilet bowl!!!

    2. blee says:

      having worked with kids for over 20 years, I have to tell you that in all likelihood he did not eat all of that on that day. Kids have a different sense of time. He probably has eaten all of the foods he listed, but not all in one day. I have had kids tell me they went to Disney Land on the weekend, when they really went two years ago. It is the same with food.

      1. Robin Jane says:

        No Way!!! Next to how cute the kid was the best thing was how hard his mother was trying to stifle her laughter!!! I believe it to be completely authentic!

    3. Linda says:

      You know – you are going to regret putting this on the internet someday! He will not appreciate that his mom did this to him. He may never talk to you, once he gets over it!

      But, it was hilarious to listen to! Thanks for the laugh!

      1. manda says:

        and everyone of his friends r gonna know who it is by the look of his bathroom door and his voice at the age of 3? oh no it is the laughter of his mother that will give it away, it was a very cute video and i would have done the same thing.

      2. Zombiegirl says:

        I would find it hilarious if my mom had and shared of a video like this of when I was a toddler. Now if it were of me as a teenager…yeah, it would be a little more embarrassing. I don’t know anyone who would get so upset over something like this that they’d stop talking to their mom (and once they get over it…would mean they are over it), but that would be seriously pathetic, LOL.

        1. Ruth says:

          Very true! No face and no names! Even if there was a face he would laugh when he’s older. Geesh… People… There are horrible things happening around us and to bicker about this is ridiculous!

    4. Aaron Campeau says:

      It was the poutine and cheese string that did the poor little fella in ! Sounds like he learned a valuable lesson at the very least !

      P.S to ANYONE who thinks this was in bad taste, get a life .. Sounds like you have WAY too much time on your hands.

        1. viena says:

          I bet he meant protein, I’m sure his mom probably said to him all the time, “hey eat this, this has lots of protein and it will make you strong”

          1. Wendy says:

            He meant “Poutine”, Viena :) It’s a Canadian dish…French fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

    5. Breezyweezy says:

      I’m impressed that the mom could hold her laugh in and the camera still. Awesome! Let’s all remember this lesson and eat less chocolate thingys……

    6. tlc says:

      Maybe this was after Halloween or after a big family dinner…. From his conversation with himself, it’s doubtful that he eats like this all the time. :)

  1. Pati says:

    I think that video was ADORABLE !!!! When my 25 yr old nephew was 3, he got in trouble then had to go to the toilet. I snuck into the general area and over heard him saying “I will run away ! I will just run away ! ” Then you didn’t hear anything for about 30-45 seconds…and all of a sudden he blurts out “BUT WHO WOULD TAKE CARE OF ME ?!?!?!?” Priceless !

  2. Livia says:

    No, what is wrong with the world is people who infringe upon the rights of privacy of another, even is they are 3 years old. A human being has a right to privacy. You older people may be saved from being exposed at a young age, but what if you are older and see embarrasisng things on the Internet about yourself? What if your attitudes change? Your feelings change. Even if you asked him at 3 yrs old, do you think he’d say, “Yes, Mommy, put my private conversation of the Internet for anybody in the world to laugh at?”

    1. BH says:


      Im going to assume that u have experienced some sort of invasion of privacy and now question where lines are drawn and rights are violated. Usually when we personally experience an injustice, we are sensitive to that particular subject. I understand how unfair and violating it is when others invade our privacy. Try not to let it suck the color out of life and ur ability to enjoy it. protect urself as best u can and try to take the steps necessary to prevent it happening again. This isnt the proper place or most appropriate venue. It puts u in a position likely to be opposed. This is not intended to be for anyone who cant appreciate why the person posting it felt inclined to share

    2. Maria says:

      Yes, actually, I do think he’d say yes. Then, he’d start doing all sorts of stupid stuff and asking his mom to video him and post it online. And I know this, because I *have* kids.

    3. Livia's Number One Supporter says:

      When I was 14, I had to request that a picture of me naked in the bathtub with my brother be taken down from my grandmother’s television set. Everybody told me to lighten up in that circumstance too. Maybe some people are ok with it, and other’s aren’t. The point is that there should be consent.

      1. Tink says:

        Fair enough if we’re talking about naked pictures. It’s only fair for parents/guardians to be respectful of their children’s boundaries and privacy when they are old enough to care about them. I’m not fond of publically displayed naked baby photos either. (though of course nobody should be judged on their baby photos anyway, babies are not sexual objects, nor is a naked baby sexual in any way). But in the case of this video, there’s no identifying factors that would identify the child on the internet, and as such since the parents are the owners of the content, it’s legally up to them whether they share it. Now, if they were to post it to the same kid’s facebook wall when they were 13 – that would be a different issue.

        What I believe most people here are taking issue with is Livia’s erroneous conflation of a 3 year old with a grown adult with a desire for privacy. Small children have a very different concept of privacy, nor indeed is it possible or desirable to grant them complete privacy from their parents, who are legally and physically responsible for ensuring their safety and needs are met.

    4. DrGary says:

      “privacy” isn’t a “human right’ – your statement is an extremely Eurocentric perspective with the emphasis on individualistic paradigm. Not all people, cultures, etc., ascribe to this thinking and way of life.

      The issue you are really talking about surrounds the idea of being embarrassed (vs. privacy). That sounds like a sensitive area for you.

    5. Katia says:

      Canadian confidentiality standards only require informed verbal/written consent for public sharing if there is identifying information on the content. No one will every know who the child in this video is unless he/his parents decide to share.

    6. Tink says:

      Most importantly, there is no identifying information that reveals who this child is. It’s highly unlikely that when the child is old enough to be embarrassed about it, they’re going to look at this video and say ‘OMG now EVERYBODY in the WORLD knows I talked about POOP once’ and be mortified.

      Firstly, you’re assuming the parent posted this without their knowledge. They may have well asked the child, the child may not care either way, or may even have wanted it put up. Not every kid is embarrassed by these kinds of thing, especially at the time. Yes, they might be embarrassed of it when they’re 10, and laugh again at it at 15. How we filter our past actions changes a lot over time, nor can parents be expected to predict what might embarrass an awkward tweenager at a later date. I’ve known teenagers get moody over a perfectly nondescript picture of themselves being posted because it’s ‘ugly’. All you can do is try to work within what you think is reasonable, then take stuff down if someone objects at a later date. (if it’s not obscene, maybe agree on a compromise wherein parents get to keep a copy for the memories, and in case tween changes mind, but it’s not online). Assuming everything will be mortifying would prevent many valued mememtos that even the kid would appreciate from being recorded.

      Lots of kids at that age love talking about themselves, I think it wrong to assume he would object without knowing the child (which his parents know better than you). Secondly, whether the child assented is not the only issue; since children of that age don’t understand the internet enough to give knowledgeable consent, it would be up to a parent to consent to putting clips of them up online anyway.

    7. Natalie says:

      God, relax Privacy Nazi…he’s 3 and he has no privacy rights to govern himself apart from his mommy…his name or face was not on the video and his little voice was cute…sounds like he learned his own lesson there and Kuddo’s because…again, he’s 3.

  3. Keith says:

    Oh FFS, Livia… lighten up! You don’t see the kid, there are no identifying features in the video to even give you a hint of where it is taken. It’s a good laugh (although I personally think it’s someone doing a voice, but it’s still cute and funny).

  4. Natalie says:

    I’ve watched this like four times and have been showing it to everyone. This just cracks me up every time! What golden footage! Thank you so much for sharing!!! What a cutie!

    1. deeceew says:

      I was thinking so too between poutine and pickle chips. hahaha…a good old Canuck kid!! Laughed until I cried.

  5. Denyale says:

    Too hilarious!! I love when kids make realizations about actions and the consequences that follow. Smart kid! “More chocolate thingies!”

  6. Buttercup says:

    Frickin hilarious…for those who are writing essay comments about this and jumping down the throats of each other …doods, ya think too much, it didnt require that much thinking

  7. JD says:

    To a few of you, and you know who you are, I would begin my comments as follows:

    Dear Ain’t Been Laid In A While,

  8. Heaven Stephens says:

    This was so funny I can tell how hard it was to not laugh and let him hear you lol I love when my son is on the potty and talking to him self he does it all the time funniest thing but it was so cute….

  9. Mary W. Rice says:

    Lmfoa!!! I made a term just for my friends in college. To be an appropriate “code” anywhere. I used to say “You need an
    attitude adjustment” which meant your ” Dear letter EXACTLY! Lol. Memories. Thanks!! Just came to me one day!!

  10. Michelle says:

    My son has been terrified of flushing the toilet ever since it did overflow. Besides the fact that he bails because he can’t stand the noise. The toilet is a scary thing :)

  11. Ralph DeLorso Jr says:

    I’m dying here this is Hilarious He is Adorable Out of the mouths of Babes Right Just terrific Thanks

    1. Katia says:

      What makes me think it’s not fake is that the kid is consistently gliding his /l/ sound. “Hoyee, that poo wiw overfyow the toiyet”, which is pretty typical for a 2.5 year old. If it is fake, a whole lot of thought and careful speech monitoring was put into imitating a 2.5 year old kid! I wouldn’t have thought of doing that to imitate.

  12. sandra says:

    That is exactly why I call little ones “stinky butt” when I go to reach for them and kiss em…hahahaha That was so cute. By the way that little fella was very articulate and actually very contentious of the problem with overflow.. ut oh…do we have a possible PLUMBER in the mix???

  13. Paula says:

    Omg people, chill out! I thought it was adorable, it’s not like she flung open the door and videotaped him, it’s his VOICE, jeesh.

  14. M says:

    Man, some of you REALLY need to chill out ! People really have forgotten to laugh and have fun. This is HILARIOUS and he is one smart fella admitting that he ate too much. You uptight people on here need to ” get a life and live a little “. Your so tight your butt squeaks and I bet your household is a BLAST (not ). I am sure that the last thing his parents were/are trying to do is make fun of or embarrass their son. To the parents, it made me laugh and smile !!

  15. barb larzelere says:

    It is what it is, a Funny moment in time. If i could have captured some of the moments in time when my own kids said exactly what was on their minds, I’d have a TV hit.
    Not understanding why so many people have to dissect a simple video. Relax! Learn to just enjoy small moments in life with a chuckle and smile.

  16. Cecelia says:

    Seriously Livia….relax…..have some fun in life…too uptight may constipate you ;)
    I am wondering..someone so uptight…were you toilet trained at gunpoint??? hehehhe

  17. JJ says:

    Wow, so much hostility directed at Livia. How about y’all say how YOU feel about the video without tearing down someone who has a different opinion? I agree that this is pretty hilarious, but perhaps it should have been shown only within the family and then packed away as he gets older, not distributed on the intertoobs. Now it’s out there forever, and of course his high school friends will see it. Even if his name isn’t on it now, it’s ridiculously easy to keep these things alive by word of mouth. I’m happy to be 40 and to have gotten my toilet training and junior high hair out of the way before digital photography!

    1. tlc says:

      It’s obviously a very old building and maybe the builders didn’t want the lock under the doorknob… just sayin’. This is so funny!! I can totally “hear” one of my kids doing this when they were little!

  18. Little Wing says:

    My kids are 22 and 16 now and when I share all the cute things they did when they were little their faces GLOW. Kids who were enjoyed are happy their parents delighted in these little offbeat things. Not having a sense of humor might be a mental health issue.

  19. Melly says:

    It really made me smile, he sounded so cute and also because you can hear the mum desperately trying not to laugh out load while recording.

  20. Bérengère says:

    the funny bit is that kids that age usually repeat, on their own way and with no precise order, stuff they have overheard… ^_^ we should get a secret video of the dad or mum on the loo? ;)

  21. Jeannette Marshall says:

    Do any of you remember Art Linkletter and his books and tv shows: “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”? Well, I think he would have loved this. I can see him asking a kid, do you ever talk to yourself in the bathroom? or even does mommy or daddy talk to themselves in the bathroom and what do they say? I think this little guy and his self talk is hilarious.

  22. teresa says:

    My brother used to sit backwards on the toilet and sing the “Spider Man” song. We would hang out down the hall and laugh our asses off. Love this kid and wish him the best, as he’s already figured out what makes him uncomfortable.

  23. Natalie says:

    The little boys name and face was not shown…privacy, God, give me a break, he gets the privacy his mom allows him at 3 yrs. old, when he is in his own home…he even learned a valuable lesson on his own…Don’t eat to much crap or it’s hard too……p!

  24. Double D says:

    Kill yourselves. Anyone complaining about this is what is wrong with the world. Just end it. Nobody likes you.

    1. Karen says:

      Tandalayo no one filmed a 3 yr old on the toilet…they filmed the door to the bathroom where a child was probably sitting on the toilet…I totally find this running commentary by the child priceless….obviously the mom was standing outside the bathroom to give him privacy but also close enough in case he had any problems…heard him talking and caught it on film….lighten up folks it is meant to be funny and if you don’t think it is move on and forget it.

  25. Mandy says:

    Hilarious!! I havea almost 6 and almost 3 and they say some crazy unexpected things…..kids will say the darndest thing! All completely innocent! !!! Love the ma trying not to laugh out loud, priceless!!!!!!

  26. shiloh11 says:

    The doorknob is on upside down and backwards because it’s supposed to fit on the opposite side of the door, the right side..so they made it fit where they wanted it.. lol, the child is hilarious!!

  27. Ruth says:

    I thought this was so funny! Had to share it! Thanks so much for posting this video. It was a clean and funny video! Love it!

  28. Jane says:

    definitely not fake. That is obviously a 3 yr olds voice and speech pattern (flighty thoughts and repeating). Cute video.

  29. Andre says:

    My parents once caught me singing up a storm in the shower when i was six and did the same thing! Im now 20 years old and i would LOVE for them for them to humor themselves and send it to AMV or even post it on the internet because it was hilarious!! Privacy? Really? Tell it to the judge, this is meant to brighten your day, chill out and laugh! And while you’re at it, loosen up. This kid is three years old, i was six, and honestly i love the fact that my parents still have such a great sense of humor!

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