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Little girl snaps, kicks her teacher in the nuts

Sep 5, 2012 By Abraham

This girl clearly knows her best defense in a situation where she feels attacked – Kick him in the crotch and run.

Opinion online is mixed as to whether this is staged or not…


    1. RMS says:

      he is teaching English, but speaking in Russian. He is saying, “‘You’ is you, remember that!” with only the first “you” in English.

  1. Lulu says:

    You go girl!

    Many teachers go into the field so they can be bullies. Those who really love teaching are often discouraged or destroyed before they even graduate from college. leaving the ones who are only in it so they can settle some sort of score with children. The well intentioned ones who persevere, find that they now spend all their time teaching to the test. Imagine how unsatisfying a career that would be to anyone who was in it for the love of teaching. You love learning, you have a passion for helping others learn and then all you do is teach drivel that will keep all students at a sub par educational level, lest one get ‘left behind’. And you test test, constantly test, because big brother is breathing down your neck to make sure you are teaching the ‘right’ things.

    and we wonder why kids have so many emotional problems these days. No parents at home and hell at school.

    1. jellybean says:

      Not sure where you live or where you get your info, but as a teacher, who LOVES teaching, I don’t know a single teacher who went into the profession to “bully.” I don’t teach to the test- I teach the STANDARDS. Testing is simply a teaching tool- it shows where the child is academically and what we need to teach next.

      Sorry to hear you have such a negative outlook on education, but I can tell you that I see the positive in our system and I’m encouraged by the positive changes that are occurring too. I do agree with you on one point- parents need to step up and play a bigger role in the child’s education.

      1. Lulu says:

        Jellybean, I am a teacher too. I teach kids on field trips ( pre-k through first grade), and I get approximately 8 classes a day, from dozens of schools – both public and private. When my first class is happy and engaged, and gives me interesting riginal answers to my questions, I know the rest of the classes that day will be great too, because a good class means a good school. But I have those days far too seldom. around 1/3 of my classes have teachers who bark orders at them, jerk them by the arm to force them to sit in a particular way ( agianst my express request, because I find that students sitting ‘criss cross applesauce” or sitting on their hands, etc. do not engage – and often they clam up .), and step in, disrupting my presentation to verbally assault a child who is not causing any problems. They are bullies, and the students react the way children react to bullies – they cower and they clam up. I have never had a discipline problem from a child in my classroom. The closest I’ve come was an autistic child who flushed the toilet until it overflowed, and he wasn’t in the classroom at the time. I have however, had teachers who were completely out of bounds. I have often wanted to put them on time out or ask them to leave. I’ve even had them jump in and answer questions I ask their students. They are sabateur’s or education.

        I’m also a parent. I just transfered my daughter from a hideous high school to one where every employee really cares about what they’re doing and helping the students seek and achieve goals. We can hardly beleive these schools are in the same district, or that any two schools can be so different. I expect you’re in a good school – one like my daughter’s current school, and you honestly don;t realise how bad some schools are. As for teaching to the test, it was my understanding this goes on in every state, but perhaps not. Our students are regularly subjected to testing for the government – these grades don’t count towards their grades. The teachers have mentioned having to teach things just for those tests. Count yourself very lucky if your job hasn’t been reduced as they have been here.

      2. Michell says:

        I know plenty of teachers who got into teaching thinking it would be easy, then took to the bullying like a fish to water. There used to be a teacher who would join in on the taunting that other children were enduring. And apparently you do not live in Texas or any other state that requires the Assessment of knowledge and skills crap. The teachers complain about having to teach to that stupid test all the time, I have been on the online teachers forum, and they were miserable doing it. My daughters classes were testing about 3 to 4 times a week, they approached a new subject or two every day, so, about 8 to 10 new subjects a week, and so tested on the subjects, then moved on whether or not they got it down pat. It was ridiculous. The school board made them do this, (skip around constantly) they said otherwise they would not be able to get through all the subject matter in one year. Funny, we did it when I was in school, had a regular 45 minute class, 7 classes a day, and did not move off of a subject until the whole class got it. And it worked!

  2. PhilA says:

    for one, why is a child in the classroom using a phone to record the class
    for two, why can’t they teach children in school which way to hold the phone when recording :-P

    1. Michell says:

      May also have been a teachers aide. You never know, maybe they had someone there because there were reports of just such abuse occurring in the class.

  3. Twopieces says:

    Lulu, while the teacher was not in the right, I don’t think there is ever an excuse for what is legally classified as sexual assault. Yes, kicking a man in the balls is sexual assault. In my opinion, any violence should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and in this case it certainly wasn’t.

    The teacher is an asshole but the “You go girl!” attitude is stupid.

    1. Michell says:

      He took a hit at her head, she is too short to really hit anywhere else. It wasn’t “sexual assault”. Let’s assume this was real, and she felt abused, then she defended herself and against a grown man no less! Any self defense class shows that very move.
      No grown up has the right to touch my child in class, she very likely felt threatened.
      And, the “You go girl” is not stupid, what is wrong with a child standing up against aggressive behavior? Nothing that is right, you should go sit down, the adults are talking!

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