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Major male celebrities as hilarious, ridiculous-looking women [15 pictures]

Oct 1, 2012 By Abraham

Some of this Photoshop silliness from a Worth1000 contest works way too well…

Hugh Laurie

Rowan Atkinson

Daniel Craig and Jim Carrey

Leonardo DiCaprio and Elijah Wood

Harrison Ford

Hugh Hefner

Jack Black

Kevin Spacey

Matt Damon

Tom Hanks

Robert Pattinson

Sean Connery

Willem Dafoe

(via Sad and Useless)


      1. Josh says:

        funny because Defoe is rather odd-looking as a guy.

        Anyone notice that DiCapprio’s looks like a young David Gilmour?

    1. Francisco says:

      Well, the face frame it’s of a woman, Tom Hanks face it’s more round. Her body type gives him an angelical touch!

  1. Joanne says:

    Hugh Hefner looks like Dorothy from Golden Girls.
    I feel so sorry for Daniel Craig, he my favorite actor.

  2. Esmeralda says:

    DiCaprio is EXACTLY has all of his model girlfriends!!!!! Will he be in love with himself? Have he realized of it? lol

  3. Francisco says:

    Kevin Spacey looks like Queen Sofia of Spain, uncanny!!! and Leonardo DiCaprio actually looks hot with the blonde locks, like an 80s rocker!!!

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