Make Way for the Season's Strangest Haircut — the Wedge Mullet | 22 Words

Make Way for the Season’s Strangest Haircut — the Wedge Mullet

By Glenn Carreau

Styling hair has always been a mode of self-expression for us, whether we use it to make a statement or just have a bit of fun. And some hairstyles do both, if one of the latest Instagram posts to go viral is any indication. London hairstylist John Vial took to Instagram a couple of days ago, posting a photo of one client's new hairstyle. Vial's 'wedge mullet' has elicited a wide range of Instagram reactions. Regardless of your feelings about wedges, mullets, or any stylistic combinations thereof, it’s definitely an inventive concept. Needless to say, the internet had a few thoughts on Vial’s modernized interpretation of the infamous mullet hairdo.


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