Male Actors' Silence at the Globes on 'Times up' and #MeToo Is an Act of Stunning Cowardice | 22 Words

Male Actors’ Silence at the Globes on ‘Times up’ and #MeToo Is an Act of Stunning Cowardice

By Namina Forna

Imagine, if you will, a very typical Hollywood scene: The male actor du jour  – let's say an Armie Hammer or an Ansel Elgort ('cause they're everywhere these days) – sits in his publicist's office, going over the Do's and Do Not's of the upcoming Golden Globes. "These Golden Globes will be fraught with peril," the publicist cautions, blowing a plume of smoke from her electric cigarette. "All the women have their panties in a bunch about the whole Times Up and #MeToo movements. This is not the time to make a mistake." "What do I do?" asks the hapless actor, all doe-eyed innocence. The publicist thinks about it for a second. Finally, she leans forward, and looks into his eyes. "Don't speak," she advises. "Don't. Speak."  


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